Natural mosquito repellent |  Life

Natural mosquito repellent | Life

We’ve found mosquitoes’ weak spots that can poison us on hot summer evenings: They don’t like these oils!

After trying this oil mixture, which you can easily prepare at home with natural ingredients, you will no longer need mosquito repellants containing toxic chemicals. Click here for the harms of mosquito repellents!

  • An empty spray can (better glass bottle)

  • A glass of pure or boiled water
  • Organic vegetable oils (You can choose one or more of the following)

  • Citronella (lemon balm) essential oil

While your water is hot, add the baking soda and dissolve it thoroughly.

Drop your chosen oils into the water as to be 30-50 drops in total. Since they all have almost the same effect, you can adjust the amount to your liking. You don’t need to count drop by drop as there is no exact measurement.

Shake the bottle well and use it by spraying directly on your skin and spreading it well.

Be careful not to apply it around the eyes and mouth. In case some essential oils may cause an allergic effect on the skin, it will be useful to test your oil mixture on a small area first.

Text and description: Feeling Islamoglu

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