My fiancee is too friendly with my family |  Relationship

My fiancee is too friendly with my family | Relationship

They act as if their kids are not me but my fiancee. My fiancee doesn’t really pay attention to his attention to them. There is an incredible relationship between them. My fiancee praises my necessary unnecessary family, they are also pleased and get along.

There was a sudden entrance, but I had to explain and relax. I’ve been engaged for a few months now and I really love her but I don’t like her interesting relationship with my family … Now those who read these may say I should be happy about this and what relationships are and I should be thankful, but rest assured everything else is hurting.

After my fiancee got into our family, something happened: He lost interest in me and he couldn’t see me. If there is, my family … “How beautiful we are all happy, how well they get along” I sometimes say to myself but I really can’t stand it anymore. My family loves my fiance, rightly. Frankly, they behave like that, partly because they like the attention he has given to my family. Since I’m not married yet, it seems a little too much for me to be intimate. Of course it’s nice to see their love for each other, but now I think we cannot draw a small border between us and my fiancee and his family. If I share this situation with my family, they will probably react to me. If I tell my close friends, “Thanks.” they will say.

I think everything must have a limit, and that includes relationships. I am not a cold person, but I always know my limits with everyone, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for my family. It would not be correct for me to express and elaborate their closeness with each other. I’m trying to express to you that I’m not doing it out of jealousy. Because there is no such production. I am afraid that everyone will be very upset afterwards and the wrong balance will be established in the family …

Nickname: victim of too much love

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