More than a thousand new words associated with the epidemic coined in Germany

More than a thousand new words associated with the epidemic coined in Germany

With the coronavirus pandemic, many of our habits, such as our daily routines, greeting style and working conditions, have also changed. Another of our habits that we changed unconsciously was our use of language. Many words such as ‘pandemic’, ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distance’, which we had rarely or never used before, also entered our language. Similar situations were valid for other languages. If in Germany Leibniz German Language Institute lexicographers have discovered that more than 1,200 new German words associated with the coronavirus have been derived.

free University linguist from his professors Anatol Stefanowitch He states that new words in German are derived from the combination of 2 or 3 nouns. It is not surprising that so many new words related to the coronavirus have emerged for German, which is prone to derive long and compound words. However, only a very small part of so many words will be able to enter the dictionary formally.

Coronamutationsgebiet: Where coronavirus mutations are common

Coronamüde: Coronavirus fatigue

Vaccination: Vaccine jealousy

Compulsory vaccination: Mandatory vaccine

Coronafrisur: Corona hair style

Everyday mask: Mask worn every day

Mouthguard fashion: When mund (mouth) Schutz (Protection) is translated literally, the word meaning mouth protection fashion can also be thought of as mask fashion.

Spuckschutzschirm: Saliva protection umbrella (used for mask)

Mask idiot: The fool who wears his mask with his nose open

Minimum distance regulation: Maximum distance application

Hamster purchase: Storing food like a hamster in panic

Output lock: Curfew

Coronadiktatur: COVID-19 dictatorship

Compiled by: Dilara Preserve

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