Moon sign Virgo |  Astrology

Moon sign Virgo | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Soil

Quality: Variable

Lucky numbers: 5

Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Sapphire, zebercet

Color: Yellow

Tarot card: Sherry

Animal: Rabbit, Monkey, Parrot

Plant: Azalea, yellow violet

Precious metal: Mercury

Keywords: Hardworking, detailed, analytical, health-conscious, hygienic, skilled, skillful, modest

Virgo Constellation (Astronomy)

The Virgo or Virgo constellation is one of the modern 88 constellations. It is located on the ecliptic. The name Virgo means virgin in Latin. There are the constellations Leo in the west and Libra in the east. Thanks to its brightest star, Spica, it can be easily found in the sky.

Hardworking, patient, elaborate, analytical, meticulous, clean, perfectionist, practical, rational, questioning, organized, disciplined, intelligent, with a sense of purpose, organizing, principled.

Fearful, hardy, lost in details and unable to see the big picture, stingy, can have a self-confidence problem, skeptical, hard believer, who does not spare time for joys.

Virgo is the sign of analysis, criticism, diligence, details, analysis, business world, being away from pleasures and taking life seriously, focusing on success. As you know, the moon is our family life, our relationship with our parents and especially our mother, our relationships with the woman of our life and strong women, our emotions, our reactions and our subconscious.

The Moon in Virgo will be a little distant to emotions and will approach emotions logically. He does not like easily, he is curious and resourceful. It can also be emotionally cold. There is a high potential to be successful in any business he starts.

The exchange of emotions with the mother is based on logic, communication, intellectuality and criticism. His mother is probably a perfectionist person and can expect more success from the child. But he raised his child practical, resourceful and clean.

The Ay Virgo woman, like her mother, may be practical, clean, resourceful, disliked, devoted to her health and diet, well-groomed, and perhaps a little distant or too meticulous in sexual matters.

The Ay Virgo man, on the other hand, will be impressed by well-groomed women who are skilled, high standards in every aspect, practical, clean and hygienic, who he will sometimes criticize and correct.

Ay Virgo people should be too lost in the details that they need to pay attention to, and it is difficult to appreciate yourself, others and what life brings. They need to learn to express themselves a little more like they are.

Childhood experiences: Careful, critical observant, timid and intelligent boy. It tries to be helpful and helpful. It is clean. He grew up with the feeling that he could not be accepted as he was. He is critical, just like his parents. It needs correction. Parents’ anxious attitude may have caused the child to be unwilling to take initiative and to have difficulty expressing himself.

The way he perceives his mother: Clean, meticulous, resourceful and anxious mother.

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