Moon sign Taurus |  Astrology

Moon sign Taurus | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Soil

Quality: Constant

Lucky numbers: 6, 4

Day: Just

Lucky stone: Emerald

Color: blue

Tarot card: Imperative

Animal: bull

Plant: Apple, cypress, violet

Valuable stone: Topaz

Precious metal: Copper

Keywords: Practical, patient, conservative, nurturing, productive, sensual, benign.

Taurus Constellation (Astronomy)

The name “Taurus” means “Bull” in Latin. Taurus is a constellation that stands out in the northern hemisphere, even with the naked eye. It is surrounded by the constellations “Aries” in the west, “Gemini” in the east, “Kahraman” and “Arabac─▒” in the north, “Hunter” in the southeast, “River” in the south and “Whale” in the southwest.

Patience, endurance. Calmness and serenity. He attaches importance to determination and reliability, is solid, conservative, completes the works he attempts, does not like risks, is worldly, consistent, is fond of nature. The one who is happy with the little things is in need of safety.

Stubborn, uneasy, obsessed with fixity, disliking innovations, jealous and materialist. He does not like tight molds, is fond of worldly pleasures and his throat, he takes easy, takes it slow.

The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus. Taurus is the sign of peace, persistence, stability, appreciation of what you have, material wealth and luxury. Together with Libra, it represents art and beauty.

I would like to point out again that the Moon tells us that we will relate to what we have received from our family, our habits, our needs, our relationship with our parents and how we relate to our children when we become parents. Also, Women are concerned with our emotions and our subconscious.

Taurus is the sign on which the Moon exalts. So we can say that it is the second house after Cancer. The Moon is comfortable in this sign and easily exhibits the features of its nature. The needs and emotional responses of the Moon in Taurus include balance, patience, and continuity. He seeks earthly peace and wants to attain it. Man-made devices, precious stones, financial issues are always in the field of interest and list of needs.

His exchange of feelings with his mother is based on peace and trust. His mother has understood and met the needs of the child well, and maybe he has accustomed him to some laziness. It is the naughty child of the family.

Moon Taurus woman is also a nurturing, calm and loyal woman who understands the beauty of life and needs them. It is equipped to provide a comfortable environment for its family, spouse and children. He is skilled in food and has a developed taste.

Moon Taurus man wants a peaceful woman and a peaceful relationship. His expectations from the other party in his relationships are trust and comfort. Likewise, he is a person who is interested in art and has a developed taste.

Moon Taurus people should pay attention to being a little more active and not to overdo the worldly pleasures.

Childhood experiences: He is a sensual, calm, emotional, contented child. Especially in his early years, he needs intense and constant physical contact with his mother. He has received positive attention from his family. The family is balanced, consistent and has acknowledged and fulfilled the needs of the child. He grew up in confidence. It is difficult for him to leave his mother and home.

The way he perceives his mother: Warm, calm, comfortable nurturing woman.

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