Moon sign Scorpio |  Astrology

Moon sign Scorpio | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Pluto-Mars

Element: His

Quality: Constant

Lucky numbers: 2,4

Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Topaz

Color: Dark red, wine

Tarot card: Death

Animal: Scorpion and underground creatures

Plant: Acacia, Chrysanthemum

Precious metal: turquoise, snakestone

Keywords: Manipulative, sharp, transformative, resourceful, analytical, mysterious, deep.

Scorpio Constellation (Astronomy)

At the top of the constellation Scorpio, including all three deans, is Ophiuchus-Ophiuchus outside the Zodiac, above it Hercules and Cerberus-The Three-Headed Dog of Hell. Below all of them is the constellation Scorpio. The brightest star in the Hercules star cluster is Ras el Gethi.

What are the positive aspects of those whose moon sign is Scorpio?

Not showing her feelings. His love and commitment is strong. Impressive. Strong. Hardworking. Determined. Not forgetting. Passionate and strong emotions, careful.

What are the negative aspects of those whose moon sign is Scorpio?

Vindictive. Looking at the bad side of things. Skeptical. Jealous. manipulative.

Scorpio is the sign of strong feelings, mystery, the urge to understand what is behind the visible, the passion to achieve. In short, the Moon is our factory settings in Astrology. It is the impulsive, unconscious, automatic part of us. Moon Scorpio people are also passionate people who want to impulsively gain power, understand people’s motivations, not reveal themselves as much as possible, but try to tamper with the other side.

Unlike Venusian signs, Mars-ruled Scorpio will want to enter into crises in order to understand and feel. It is possible that he learned in his childhood experiences not to trust people. He may have become interested in metaphysical and mysterious issues, and taboo topics such as sexuality, at an early age.

He will perceive his mother as mysterious, distrustful, tampering and inclined to keep him under emotional dependence, and the mother has equipped the child with these features.

Characteristics of women with Scorpio as a Moon sign

Like her mother, the Moon Scorpio woman will be emotional, deep, mysterious, passionate, interested in metaphysical issues, wanting to understand the background of events, understand and control the motivations of the other person.

Characteristics of men whose moon sign is Scorpio

Although the Moon Scorpio man has these characteristics, he may want to solve the woman he seeks in his life like a puzzle, wonder, desire, maybe obsess, acquire and keep under his emotional control or under the emotional control of the woman.

It will be to realize that there may not be bad intentions behind every event that Moon Scorpio people should pay attention to, to see the good in people and to communicate openly and healthy by trusting them.

Childhood experiences: Mysterious boy. She wants to have an intense relationship with her mother, to conflict with her, to provoke and feel her. It can take a long time to disconnect from his family and mother. They sense the family atmosphere and the relationship between parents. He is interested in the afterlife, mystical subjects, subconscious and sexuality at an early age. He may enter into severe anger attacks that can lead to destruction. He learns not to trust at a very early age. While the family probably seems to want the best for their child, they may want to control and manipulate them, keeping them under emotional attachment. Thus, in order to protect himself, the child tries to predict what the other person will say and do, and try to understand the behind the scenes of the behavior.

How she perceives her mother: The mother who tinkers, wants to know everything, tends to be emotionally dependent, ruthless and uncompromising, can make things worse.

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