Moon sign Pisces |  Astrology

Moon sign Pisces | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: His

Quality: Variable

Lucky numbers: 2,6

Day: only

Lucky stone: Aquamarine

Color: turquoise

Tarot card: Ay

Animal: Fishes

Plant: Fig and willow, water lily, daffodil

Precious metal: platinum

Keywords: Spiritual, dreamer, visionary, sensitive, pensive, fugitive.

Pisces Constellation (Astronomy)

The Pisces or Pisces constellation is one of the 88 modern constellations. It is located on the eclipse. The name Pisces means fish in Latin. It has the constellation Aquarius in the west and Aries in the east.

Altruistic, empathetic, sensitive, imaginative, mystical, dedicated, flexible, accepting, transcending consciousness, romantic.

Unstable, easily changing according to conditions, easily escaping from difficulties, too dreamy and unrealistic, far from reality, easily influenced.

Pisces is the sign of self-transcendence, imagination, poetry, sensitivity, healing and helping the needy, empathy. The Moon is comfortable in Pisces because it has a strong connection with emotions. The mother is nurturing and self-sacrificing. He is interested in mystical subjects. Their intuition is very strong. He is skilled at understanding people’s subconscious motivations.

Being highly sensitive, he can suffer deeply from the harsh realities of life at times. He can feel the pain of weak, needy people. Some Moon Pisces may not want to deal with these harsh realities and may incline towards addictive, pleasurable substances or behaviors. He may want to escape from reality. He can deceive himself and others. She perceives her family and especially her mother with similar themes. She has a self-sacrificing, sensitive, sometimes escapist, addicted, imaginative mother perception.

Moon Pisces woman is also sensitive, giving, nurturing, dreamer, has a strong empathy ability, has a high potential to devote herself to an ideal, and has the will and ability to help people.

The Moon Pisces man also wants the woman of his life to be romantic, sensitive and motherly, and he is just as romantic and emotional.

What Moon Pisces people should pay attention to is not to escape from the harsh realities of life, not to stray from logical and rational thinking, to realize the potential to deceive themselves, to learn to say no and draw boundaries when necessary.

Childhood experiences: Dreamy, full of fantasies, creative and compassionate. He is very sensitive, he wants to get rid of the boundaries that separate him from the mother. Senses easily what is going on in the world of others, has difficulty finding his own point of view. While the family is overly concerned about feeding, they may have made some mistakes or indifference in very important issues (health, emotional needs, etc.). Often the closest parent can be perceived as the victim.

How she perceives her mother: The altruistic, incomprehensible, touchy, victim and dependent mother.

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