Moon sign Libra |  Astrology

Moon sign Libra | Astrology

Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Air

Quality: Pioneer

Lucky numbers: 6,9

Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Opal, Emerald

Color: blue

Tarot card: Lovers

Animal: Snake, Lizard

Plant: dark sapphire, zebercet

Precious metal: Copper

Keywords: Compatible, peace-loving, attractive, indecisive, diplomatic, respectful, beloved.

Libra Constellation (Astronomy)

Libra has two main stars, Zuben al Ganubi and Zuben al Schemali. Hydra, the Snake, is also located at the latitude of this sign. To the south of this sign is the Crusis-Cross, in the first decanate, to the north is the Corona Borealis-Crown, in the third decanate. Between these two is Lupus-Wolf, close to Libra.

Interested and talented in fine arts. Beautiful, charming, charming, harmonious, elegant, diplomatic, neutral, well-meaning, politician.

Unstable. Unbalanced. Philanderer. Lazy. Quick change of mind. Influenced, unable to take initiative.

Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, all kinds of beauty, art, bilateral relations, mediation, justice and politics.

In short, the Moon is our factory settings in Astrology. It is the impulsive, unconscious, automatic part of us. The moon in Libra also impulsively demands attention, a great need for attention. He usually does not want to be alone and needs bilateral relations. This bilateral relationship can mean close friendships or lovers. He does not want discussion, conflict or tension, if he is in this tension, he impulsively tries to relieve this tension and reconcile the parties. It is probable that he had a childhood that assumed this role in his family. He may have been brought up in a way programmed to get between Mom and Dad. She perceives her mother as a beautiful, balanced person who cares about her appearance, makes concessions from time to time, is talented in art, and she has equipped the child with these qualities.

The Moon Libra woman is also a woman who is fond of her beauty, is talented in clothing and decoration, understands color harmony and visuality, and has artistic insights and tendencies.

While the Moon Libra man has these features, he will look for visuality, compatibility and sociability in the woman he seeks in life.

Moon Libra people need to be careful not to sacrifice themselves for balance and peace. It is to show the courage to take the initiative where necessary and to enter into the crisis, unrest and tense issues.

Childhood experiences: A good, sweet, calm and friendly boy who needs attention. The child who easily adapts to everything because of the fear of separation and being alone. The child grows up with a constant need for intimacy and very strong urges to form relationships. The feeling of loneliness makes him unhappy and insecure.

How she perceives her mother: Calm, peaceful, fond of beauty, mediator, social mother.

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