Moon sign Leo |  Astrology

Moon sign Leo | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Quality: Constant

Lucky numbers: 1, 4

Day: market

Lucky stone: Diamond, Zafir

Color: Yellow, Orange

Tarot card: Power

Animal: Lions and Felines

Plant: Orchid, rose, chrysanthemum

Precious metal: Gold

Keywords: Childish, generous, dramatic, warm, cheerful, delightful, domineering.

Leo Constellation (Astronomy)

The constellation Leo or Leo is one of the modern 88 constellations and zodiac belt constellations. The name Leo means lion in Latin. Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east

Being in the center, expressing oneself, being on the stage, warm, cheerful, spontaneous, patient, willing and visionary, wanting to stay at the top, energetic, brave, confident.

Arrogant, scornful, egotistical, selfish, needy, imperious, dictatorial, oppressive, wasteful.

Leo is the sign of self-confidence, leadership, self-expression, creativity and spotlight, authority, cheerfulness and generosity, self-assertion and bravery. The moon, as you know, is our family life, our relationship with our parents and especially our mother, our relationships with the woman of our life and strong women, our emotions, our reactions and our subconscious. The moon in Leo adds an emotional quality to our identity, which is a little distant to emotions, expressing emotions in a fiery and dramatic, theatrical way, high inborn self-esteem and awaiting attention throughout his life, as it attracts constant attention in his family. The exchange of feelings between her and her mother is based on self-confidence and encouragement. He is a child who grew up as the little kings and queens of the house, with a high probability of being an only child and grew up with interest.

Moon, Leo woman, like her mother, is self-confident, ostentatious, in need of self-assertion and applause, has leadership capacity and can be imperious.

The Moon, the Leo man, will be interested in powerful women who are flashy, self-confident, emerging, on the stage, just like his mother.

The Moon is about not being conceited, acting with thought, sometimes learning not to trust people, and not always being self-explanatory that Leo people should pay attention to.

Childhood experiences: Cheerful, enthusiastic, carefree and natural child. He has been used to being the center of attention since he was little. Expresses his feelings openly and directly. It needs attention and admiration, always wants to be first. He was raised with a creative authority and was raised with the consciousness of being successful. He hates being compared. He has trouble admitting defeat.

The way he perceives his mother: Self-confident, show-off, confidence-giving selfish mother.

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