Moon sign Gemini |  Astrology

Moon sign Gemini | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Variable

Lucky numbers: 5, 9

Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Who

Color: Yellow

Tarot card: lovers

Animal: Birds and Butterflies

Plant: Hazelnut, walnut, lavender

Valuable stone: Tourmaline

Precious metal: Mercury

Keywords: Mental, intelligent, imitative, active, curious, persuasive, chatty.

Gemini Constellation (Astronomy)

The constellation Gemini takes its name from the twin brothers Polluks and Kastor in Greek mythology. … Zeus then sends both brothers to the sky. Pollux and Kastor gave their names to two of the brightest stars in the constellation of twins.

Variable, mobile, fast, interactive, acquiring and spreading information, rational, intelligent, rational, understanding, intellectual, versatile, harmonious, persuasive, cheerful, freedom-loving and extroverted.

He is quickly bored, disorganized, has difficulty concentrating, inconsistent, unfaithful, fickle, impatient, too superficial, who finds himself too clever, cynical, liable, insensitive.

Gemini is the sign of communication, impatience, variability, curiosity, education, learning and research, knowledge that can sometimes be superficial, and its public language expression to the masses.

As you know, the moon is our family life, our relationship with our parents and especially our mother, our relationships with the woman of our life and strong women, our emotions, our reactions and our subconscious. The Moon in Gemini will be a little distant to emotions and will look at emotions logically, trying to rationalize them. It is emotionally changeable. He is constantly inquisitive and communicative. He instinctively wants to know, learn and tell. We can say that it is perfect for communicative jobs such as journalism.

His exchange of emotions with his mother is based on communication and intellectuality. Her mother is probably an intellectual person and her approach to emotional issues is also within this framework. The child also inherited these characteristics from his mother. It is the curious child of the family.

A Gemini woman, like her mother, can be a communicative, restless, irritable, changeable, and emotionally inconsistent person. It is curiosity that drives him, what he needs.

The Moon Gemini man is curious about women and intellectually desires the woman who will feed him. She wants a woman who has a common interest, and most importantly, communicates well and can be friends with her.

Moon Gemini people should pay attention to the fact that they explain themselves a little less before trusting people and approach emotional issues with less logic, and learn that emotion cannot be explained by logic.

Childhood experiences: Moving, intelligent, curious, all-around, intellectual kid. He learns to speak and read at an early age. The mother may be cold to the emotional needs of the baby at a young age, and the mother may tend to distance when the child cries or expresses another emotion that the mother does not like. The family can usually cope with emotions only on an intellectual level and may have asked the child to explain or make sense of these feelings. He grows distant on an emotional level. Therefore, he leaves the family at an early age.

The way he perceives his mother: Intelligent, cunning, busy, curious and active mother.

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