Moon sign Cancer |  Astrology

Moon sign Cancer | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Ay

Element: His

Quality: Pioneer

Lucky numbers: 3, 7

Day: Monday

Lucky stone: Inch

Color: White, Silver

Tarot card: Ay

Animal: Sea shellfish

Plant: Delphinium flower, water lily

Valuable stone: Aytaşı, Amber

Precious metal: Silver

Keywords: Relevant, responsive, thoughtful, emotional, capricious, self-confident, dependent, loyal.

Cancer Constellation (Astronomy)

The constellation Cancer or Cancer is one of the zodiac belt constellations. Cancer is a medium-sized constellation with an area of ​​506 square meters, and its stars are rather pale, its brightest star, Beta Cancri, has an apparent magnitude of 3.5.

Defensive, conscientious, traditional, longing for the past, sensitive to his environment, in need of emotional security, empathetic, imaginative, maternal, hoarding, altruistic, fond of his family and children

He wears a mask on the outside, negative, too subjective, disliking new environments, open to influence, too emotional, touchy, sensitive.

Cancer is the sign of our need for closeness with our loved ones, our family, our love of the homeland, our feelings and emotional needs. He is a good parent and a good child. It has strong human characteristics. As you know, the moon is our family life, our relationship with our parents and especially our mother, our relationships with the woman of our life and strong women, our emotions, our reactions and our subconscious. The Moon in Cancer has a risk of diverting from logic. But our lunar satellite is not very related to our intellectual side anyway. The subconscious side of our brain represents the memory side and is not very interested in logical operations. That is why the Moon is very comfortable in Cancer and expresses itself very strongly. The moon rules the sign of Cancer. His exchange of feelings with his mother is very strong. Their commitment to each other is very strong. As a child, his emotional needs were probably adequately met and he developed a sense of attachment. When he grows up, he will be a good parent to his children and a good son to his elderly family.

Ay Cancer woman, like her mother, is an emotional, empathetic, maternal, nurturing, nurturing person who can be taken easily. What it needs is emotional intimacy and being with loved ones.

The Moon Cancer man wants the woman of his life to be maternal and meet his own emotional needs. The way to your heart, so to speak, is through your stomach. She looks for a nurturing, nurturing, emotional woman.

The issue that Lunar Cancer people should pay attention to is to stay in the realities of life without being too sensitive and emotional and not to be afraid to face these realities.

Childhood experiences: A sensitive, shy, dreamy childhood. It needs a warm home, protection, and security against the harsh realities of life. Family feeling is very strong. He has difficulty separating from his family.

The way he perceives his mother: Caring, emotional and nurturing mother.

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