Moon sign Aries |  Astrology

Moon sign Aries | Astrology

You calculated your Moon sign and saw that your Moon sign is Aries. So what are the characteristics of those with Aries Moon sign? What are the positive and negative sides of those with Aries Moon sign? What you need to know about Aries as the moon sign …

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Pioneer

Lucky numbers: 1, 9

Day: Tuesday

Lucky stone: Yakut

Color: Red

Tarot card: Emperor

Animal: Coach

Plant: Geranium, honeysuckle, leopard

Valuable stone: Diamond

Precious metal: Iron

Keywords: Active, independent, spontaneous, courageous, nervous, competitive, uncontrolled.

Aries Constellation (Astronomy)

Major stars in the constellation of Aries are Shedar, Ruckbah and Dat el Cursa. In the first decanate, there is Cassiopeia, in the middle Cetus, and at the end Perseus.

The spirit of pioneering and adventure. Initiative. Man steering. Goal setting feature. High energy. The ability to overcome obstacles. I hate limitations. Leadership. Honesty. Ready answer. Life.

Egoism. Breaking down decisions. To assert yourself, to advance. Mocking, rebellious. Impatient. Attacker. Wrathful. Sudden exits

The zodiac starts with the sign of Aries. Aries sign is the sign of initiative, beginnings, initiatives and courage. If the zodiac starts with the sign of Aries, it is not possible if we do not start the comments with the sign of Aries.

We have said that the Moon in our maps tells us how we can relate to what we have received from our family, our habits, our needs, our relationship with our parents, and how we relate to our children when we become parents. We also mentioned that the Moon is related to women, our emotions and our subconscious.

The needs and emotional responses of the Moon in Aries are always spontaneous. It always needs to be first and wants to meet its needs “right away”. He is childish, brave and nervous.

Ay Aries tells about a sociable emotional background and shows that the relationship of the child with her mother can be self-confident and encouraging, but also a little tense. The mother raised and glorified her children in an initiative and courageous manner, even if they were girls.

Ay Aries woman behaves in a way that is brave, sociable, like a man in some matters, takes initiative and wants to be ahead. Of course, the character is affected by the whole map, but these people are not afraid to take risks throughout their lives, as Moon alone tells of his sociable and encouraged childhood experiences.

Moon Aries man wants women who can take initiative in his life. Just like his mother. Maybe she can like a little masculine women. At least a brave woman will want her prototype in her life and will be drawn to that type of woman.

He is an overly active, stubborn, loud and brave child. He was brought up freely, fearless and resistant to emotional ties that can reveal himself. He perceives his young age as an insult. Movement and muscular skills developed at an early age. Restricted freedom, shame, humiliation, and feelings of helplessness cause her to be separated from her home and family at an early age.

The way he perceives his mother: Brave, strong, spontaneous, selfish, indifferent to needs.

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