Moon sign Aquarius |  Astrology

Moon sign Aquarius | Astrology

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Air

Quality: Constant

Lucky numbers: 1, 7

Day: Wednesday

Lucky stone: Office

Color: Electric Blue

Tarot card: Star

Animal: big birds

Plant: fruit trees, orchids

Precious metal: Uranium

Keywords: rebellious, eccentric, modern, rootless

Aquarius Constellation (Astronomy)

The constellation Aquarius is found near other water-related constellations in the part of the sky referred to as the water or sea part. These constellations are also known by names such as Cetus (Whale), Pisces (Pisces), Delphinus (Dolphin) and Eridanus (River).

Interesting, friendly, innovative, out-of-the-box, logical, intellectual, inventive, social, revolutionary, future-oriented, humanistic, devoted to society, not belonging anywhere.

Utopian, dogmatic, rebellious, rebellious, unexpected, strange, cold, callous, antisocial, marginal.

Aquarius is the sign of revolution, rebellion, intellectuality, innovation, progressiveness, science and technology. The Moon in Aquarius is emotionally distant and independent. Evaluates events in terms of logic rather than emotions. In this context, it is a sign that the Moon is not very comfortable with, which is related to our emotions, our needs and our sense of attachment. Innovative needs to transform traditional patterns and be different. He does not fall into the weakness of emotions. He knows how to distance himself from the bonds that chain him when necessary. He perceives his family and especially his mother as free, rebellious, intelligent, innovative and distant from his emotional needs. There is an intellectual atmosphere in the house.

A woman with an Aquarius Moon sign is intelligent, independent, unconventional, intellectual, logical, and somewhat detached from emotions, like her mother.

The Moon Aquarius man, on the other hand, has these features and wants the woman who will become the woman of his life to be intelligent, independent, not falling into emotional weaknesses, innovative and unconventional, just like his mother.

What Moon Aquarius people need to pay attention to and learn is to try to notice the emotional needs of themselves and those around them, and not be insensitive to them. Both being unaware of his emotional needs and sometimes being outside the rules of society just to be different can lead the Moon Aquarius to be lonely and perceived as strange, too extraordinary by the society.

Childhood Experiences: A stranger in this world feels different and very special at the same time. He was brought up in a family that was fond of freedom, conflicted between parental duties and their own freedom. The child is given a lot of freedom. He leaves the family at an early age and makes his own way.

How she perceives her mother: An independent, unpredictable, intellectual mother who has little interest in her child.

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