Monthly horoscope reviews: May 2021

Monthly horoscope reviews: May 2021

Hello, the most important astrological effects of the Moon will be the Jupiter Pisces transition on May 14th, Saturn retrograde on May 23rd and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. After a long time, Jupiter passes into Pisces, one of the two signs it rules and is strongest. Pisces is about empathy, our emotional sensibilities, creative imagination, sacrificing ourselves to a larger whole, commitment to an ideal, and being in the flow. Also, Pisces is concerned with healing. We can say that we will enter a period where vaccination accelerates during the pandemic times we are in. In addition, we know from last year that the transmission rate of the virus has decreased with the arrival of summer, I think Jupiter Fish heralds such a period. But Jupiter will stay in Pisces for about 2.5 months and return to Aquarius towards autumn. This shows that the relaxation will be for a limited time.

It seems that the Saturn retrograde on May 23 will also slow down the issues we have been struggling with for a while. However, in this period, it points to some timing problems related to establishing new structures or situations that we need to go back and repeat. At the beginning of the next month, we can foresee the relaxation of the measures and the issues that restrict and discipline us, but this period will also be a period that indicates the need for retrospective corrections for the structures we are building.

I will prepare a very detailed article for the Lunar Eclipse on May 23, but to put it briefly here, we will have a period when we will start to feel the effects this month and we will live until the end of the year. This may sound like new, but I would like to repeat that we have at least 4 eclipses each year.

The rising sign of the eclipse map is Virgo and the eclipse takes place on the Gemini Sagittarius axis. The fact that the rising sign is Virgo shows that the next 6 months will pass again in terms of health, hygiene and business issues. Ascendant ruler and Sun in Gemini. They are squared with Jupiter in Pisces, which is the ruler of the eclipse. This shows that the current period will be marked by improvement and exaggerated comfort, chaotic situations and wrong decisions taken by state authorities.

Important sky angles of May:

May 2 – Mercury Triangle of Pluto:

These are the days when our capacity to focus mentally is very high and it is very convenient to go deep and do research. We can also deliver transformative speeches, get strong advice or advice from our elders.

May 3 – The Sixties of Venus Neptune:

It is a romantic period in which we feel the feeling of love and being loved in bilateral relationships. Time for creative gestures. We can take positive steps to beautify ourselves.

May 3 – Mercury Square Jupiter:

We are in a time of ambiguity for education, international agreements, indeed all agreements and signatures. Our agreements may contain exaggerated terms or we may enter into conflicts of opinion. But as long as we are optimistic, not exaggerating, it’s a good time for deals and important conversations.

May 3 – Sun Saturn Square:

Nowadays, our self-esteem may decrease, it may be difficult to express ourselves, our goals may grow in our eyes, and our responsibilities may increase. The days of authority figures and our father are more challenging or when we need to take responsibility because of them.

May 4th – Mercury is in Gemini!

May 6 – Triangle of Venus Pluto:

Positive change is blowing over the issues discussed in bilateral relations. The days when we focus on the issues that need to be corrected are a little more questioning and we can go into crises, although not too harsh, but we will come out of these days in the name of relations.

May 8 – Venus Square Jupiter:

It is a time of last week when the theme of strain and change in bilateral relations dissipated, when we felt beneficial in terms of relations, felt self-confident and received support, and perhaps abundance and fortunate conditions were created.

May 9 – Venus is in Gemini!

May 11 – Mercury Chiron Sixty:

A time when we gain perspective on our suffering and start learning and mentally heal ourselves.

May 11 – Mercury North Node Conjunction:

It is a time period in which we use our minds correctly while going to our goals, adapt new ideas to our lives positively, and use our network effectively.

May 12 – Mars Chiron Square:

We share the experiences we have gained from our pain with our environment and we heal them as well. However, during this period, it may be possible to repeat the issues that cause us pain. Especially in matters related to asserting ourselves and defending our rights, past suffering can be triggered. There may also be discussions on family matters.

May 12 – Mars Uranus Sixty:

It is a time for reformist movements to fight for humanity, rights and justice, but it is also open to sudden and impulsive reactions. Extra care needs to be taken for clumsiness and accidents.

May 12 – Mercury Saturn Sixth:

Our mental discipline is at a high level, a productive time for intellectual activity, preparing for the exam or important talks.

May 13 – Sun Neptune Sixth:

It is a period in which our empathy and benevolence, creativity and romance increase for people in need. We are in the days when we feel that our goals and dreams are in sync.

May 14 – Jupiter is in Pisces!

May 17 – The Solar Pluto Triangle:

We are in the days when we can express ourselves strongly, put on the table the issues that are old and need to be transformed, take strong and effective actions, our intuition is strong and support us.

May 18 – Venus Chiron Sixty:

With the obstacles and difficulties in bilateral relations, we also enter a process of learning, taking lessons from pain, benefiting people with what we learn from pain, and today is the time we use it most effectively.

May 18 – Venus North Node Conjunction:

Another positive impact on the way to achieve our goals. We are reducing our rewarding and facilitating venus fateful decisions and the obstacles on the way we want to go, and take the wind behind us.

May 20 – Venus Saturn Triangle:

We are going through loyal times when we seek stability and order in bilateral relations. We can take steps to embody our relationship.

May 20 – The Sun is in Gemini!

May 21 – Sun Square Jupiter:

It is a period when our self-confidence is very high, we want to stay away from responsibilities and relax, we want to learn new things, expand our horizons, we can have an exaggerated self-confidence relationship with authority figures or some conflicts of opinion, and we can escape to exaggeration.

May 23 – Mercury Neptune Square:

We may go through a few days when our minds are cloudy and prone to deceit and misunderstanding. New deals are not a good time for technology exchanges. Issues such as clumsiness, messages going to the wrong place may come up.

May 23rd – Saturn begins backward movement!

May 27 – Venus Neptune Square:

A period open to misconceptions in relationships. We are romantic and emotional, we are easily influenced, but our expectations are also very high, we may fall into the trap of idealizing the other party. Or we may think that we are not loved even though the opposite is not true.

May 26 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

May 29 – Mercury Conjunction with Venus:

Increased communication traffic in bilateral relations, impressive conversations, productive times when sweet tongue takes the snake out of its hole. Our creativity is high in intellectual activities such as writing.

May 30 – Mercury begins retrograde!

May 31 – Mars Neptune Triangle:

While using our energy, our intuition and creativity will be with us. In addition, the support we receive from around will be effective days to move towards a common goal with people who empathize with us or those we empathize with and support.

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