Monthly horoscope reviews: April 2021

Monthly horoscope reviews: April 2021

Hello, planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that have a mass effect in the sky in April will not have transits. The most striking effect with these planets is that Pluto will start going back at the end of the month. Pluto is the planet that shows us what we lack in very unpleasant ways, confronts it, and motivates us to take action by making the necessary eliminations and getting stronger. A planet’s being retro is an effect that causes its effects not to be observed externally, to turn inward, to make retrospective corrections, and the possibility of some inaccuracies in timing and delays. Pluto themes will bring effects into our lives that will require us to go back and correct from the end of April. It will affect personally, as well as around the world, depending on where it falls on our personal maps.

In addition, we will experience two important moon phases this month. I will explain them all in detail in separate articles. It will occur in Aries and Scorpio signs, both of which are in the Martian signs. Mars will continue its course in Gemini for most of the month, and these lunar phases will also have effects that will highlight Mars. In other words, the speed of our communication traffic will continue this month.

Since Koç Yeniay is both Yeniay and Koç, he has the energy of new beginnings. The Full Moon in Scorpio will begin to affect us from the middle of the month, although it is at the end of the month, and will have a very intimate effect with the planet Uranus. The planet Uranus is a planet that changes us for the future, shocking developments, boredom and rebellion. In this period, I expect serious shocks and unexpected developments in financial matters, especially in our country. The dollar seems to continue to rise. I also think that Bitcoin will continue to rise.

Important sky angles of April;

April 1 – Sun Saturn Sixth:

It is a time period where we can discipline ourselves, focus on our duties and responsibilities, and postpone our feelings for a while. We are in the days that we can use to achieve our goals.

April 2 – Venus North Node Sixty:

Another positive impact on the way to achieve our goals. Our rewarding and facilitating Venus reduces our fateful decisions and obstacles to the path we want to go, and we take the wind behind us.

April 2 – Mercury Pluto Sixties:

These are the days when our capacity to focus mentally is very high and it is very convenient to go deep and do research. We can also give transformative speeches, get strong advice or advice from our elders.

April 3 – Sun North Node Sixty:

We can use our willpower and motivation to achieve our goals. The way we express ourselves serves our goals and is a time when we can get support from people in strong positions.

April 4 Mercury is in Aries!

April 6 – Venus Mars Sixth:

It is a very harmonious day in terms of taking action, having fun, passion and lust in bilateral relations. We are highly motivated to come to terms with relationship issues.

April 9 – Mercury Chiron Convergence:

We are in the days when we dwell more on the issues that gave us pain in the past, and we gain certain consciousness and learning about them. We can also provide educational advice to those around us with what we’ve learned these days.

April 9 – Mars Neptune Square:

Mars represents our actions, our will, our drive to fight. When Neptune makes a compelling angle like a square, this energy dissipates, we become clumsy, lazy, or we may not know where to channel our energy or action, we can make wrong decisions. We may not be able to hit the target, our vision may be blurred.

April 10 – Mercury Saturn Sixth:

Our mental discipline is at a high level, a productive time for intellectual activity, preparing for the exam or important talks.

April 10 – Venus Jupiter Sixty:

This harmonious encounter of Venus and Jupiter, the two optimists in astrology, is a very positive, funny aspect, full of feelings of self-confidence and optimism, provided that you are influenced by other aspects and examine the chart in a holistic way. It points to very positive and supportive times in both bilateral relations and financial matters.

April 12 – Venus Pluto Square:

Although we continue to experience the Venus Jupiter sextile effect, this aspect will also lead to transformative encounters and unpleasant realities that emerge that can create a crisis in relationships. Unpleasant issues can become more involved in our consciousness these days.

April 14 – Sun Mars Sixth:

Power and will is one of the most prominent issues on our agenda these days. We have high willpower, motivation and courage. We are more lively and active in getting what we want. It is a very suitable time for sportive activities.

April 14 Venus is in Taurus!

April 15 – Sun Jupiter Sixth:

From beautiful angles of the moon. It is a good time in terms of issues related to education, abroad and foreigners, where we will have ease in expressing ourselves, situations may develop to our advantage.

April 16 – Solar Pluto Square:

We can be manipulative and controlling in our behavior, our ambition is higher to change and transform things we don’t like these days. During this period, we need to pay particular attention to discussions and try not to make irreversible actions.

April 17 – Jupiter Triangle of Mars:

It’s a perfect time to be rewarded for the bold actions we’ve taken. If there are issues that we hesitate during this period, we can use it to take action and make new beginnings. It’s a great time to be used for the topics we want to venture into.

April 17 – Mercury Jupiter Sixth:

Perfect times for training. This is a period that we can use efficiently for the trainings we want to receive, the agreements we want to make, and the important communications that need to be established.

April 17 – Mercury Mars Sixth:

It is a good time to express our feelings, when the information is flowing correctly. It is a period where we do not hesitate to use bold words and we can use communication more effectively.

April 18 – Mercury Pluto Square:

A time when our words can be destructive, when anger accumulated in the past can explode through communication and be destructive.

April 19 – Solar Mercury Convergence:

We are in the days when we express ourselves well, where communication is emphasized. Scheduling for major deals can be used within these dates.

April 19 Mercury in Taurus!

April 19 The Sun is in Taurus!

April 23 – Venus Uranus Convergence:

We are in a few days of sudden changes in bilateral relations, fun but with separating energies. Our boredom and desire to change is high. In addition, we can make our relationship more enjoyable with various surprises.

April 23 Mars in Cancer!

April 24 – Mercury Convergence with Uranus:

It’s time for creative ideas! I often use the expression “light bulb in the head” for this angle. A time when the intelligence is more agile and our minds are clearer and more open. The handicap of this period is our excessively unstable and boring outlook.

April 25 – Mercury Saturn Square:

Fortunately, Mercury will interact with Saturn, albeit harshly, during this period. Even though our mind is negative and depressed, it will be patient, disciplined and constant. It is a very favorable time to bring the creativity of the Uranus angle to life.

April 25 – Venus Saturn Square:

Cold times in bilateral relationships. That we feel unloved, perhaps losing the crumbs of love within ourselves or feeling diminished. Times when we become more aware of the facts and want to rationalize our relationships.

April 26 – Mercury Conjunction with Venus:

Our tongue is kind, sweet tongue and we take the snake out of its hole. Communication sounds like medicine for Venus, which is wounded by Saturn in bilateral relations. The advice we get from our friends can dissipate the clouds of sadness.

April 27 Pluto Returns!

April 30 – Mercury Neptune Sixth:

We will have more creative and impressive days where we are inspired and intuitive, and we can put this into our speeches and writings. It’s a good time to get support with written agreements.

April 30 – Sun Convergence with Uranus:

Our self-expression can become bleak, and we can be spontaneous and boring. Nowadays, we can ask for changes, make permanent changes like never before. But I want to warn you of permanent changes that we will make without thinking. You may want to go back later.

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