Mistakes we make without realizing while cleaning

Mistakes we make without realizing while cleaning

We use many methods that we think are correct when cleaning. However, some of them damage our belongings contrary to what we think. So what are these?

Here are 12 common mistakes we fell for while cleaning …

The reason we cannot use cleaning products correctly may be because we calculate the contact time needed to kill the bacteria on the surface. Therefore, before you start cleaning, you should definitely read the instructions on the product.

Although they are a great help in opening sinks, sink-hungry can be damaging pipes. Because the chemicals in them are very hard and can cause serious damage, especially in old metal pipes.

The two products mentioned are very effective as cleaners, but when it comes to stone countertops, you should stay away from this duo. Since both of them have very high acidity, they can damage the stone and create stains.

You may tend to use more detergent when your clothes are very dirty, but you should definitely avoid this. Excessive detergents remaining on the clothes cause dirt and dust to be collected more quickly as they stick on the clothes. In addition, they can form white detergent stains on clothes.

Kitchen utensils such as grater and peeler should not be washed in the dishwasher as they may become moldy. The reason for this is that there are small holes on these tools so that food pieces can get stuck. Similarly, wooden spoon and so on. The utensils should not be machine washed as mold can also be obtained.

When using wet wipes, it is important to use a wipe only once to avoid spreading the bacteria. For this reason, you should not use the same wet wipe when wiping different surfaces.

It is also very important to clean these devices that prepare the ground for mold because they are moist. Cleaning the bowl with white vinegar and then emptying the vinegar after 20 minutes and continuing to clean with a small brush will ensure that every corner of the device is clean.

The gradual peeling of the surface of the pans washed in the dishwasher will cause the non-stick feature of the pan to disappear. Therefore, it is better to wash the pans by hand.

If you notice that your towels become hard and felt like over time, you should know that the softener is the culprit. The chemicals in the softeners reduce the suction power of the towel over time and cause it to harden.

According to research, these glands flood with harmful bacteria when kept in humid environments. Since they are used in many areas while doing housework, changing the diaper every 2 days will be important in terms of hygiene.

You may have heard that harmful bacteria and mold can grow inside toys used while taking a bath. Cleaning these toys with vinegar is not an adequate method. Instead, both bath toys and plastic toys can be cleaned with disinfectants by soaking them in bleach-water mixture for 5 minutes or by keeping them on their surface for at least 10 seconds. You should also not forget to rinse.

It may feel easier to wipe your glasses with a paper towel. However, in order to clean your glasses and prevent scratches, you should wash them in warm water with dish soap and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth. You should also wipe the parts that touch the back of the ear and nose with a disinfected wipe.

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