Milk Dessert Recipes |  Life

Milk Dessert Recipes | Life

There are traditional milky desserts recipes as well as milky desserts from world cuisine! Here are the recipes for milk desserts from Müjgan Yurtseven’s pen …

Drop gummy rice pudding

Every time you make this rice pudding recipe that cheers the palates with the sweet flavor of mastic mastic, it will always remain in the last bowl in the refrigerator. Mother’s way without using starch and eggs gum mastic rice pudding recipe …

Bonet Italian dessert

“Bonet”, one of the traditional flavors of the Piemonte region in the Northwest of Italy, which has a rich food culture, is referred to as spoon dessert due to its texture similar to “Cream Caramel”. Unlike “cream caramel”, cocoa and bitter almond cookies are added. Bonet Italian dessert preparation …

A Spanish dessert: Natillas De Leche

Natillas (Turkish for “cream milk”), one of the traditional flavors of Spain, becomes a delicious after-dinner dessert with its creamy texture, aroma of cinnamon and lemon peel. During the service, you can decorate it with cinnamon, biscuits and any fruits you want. Click here for the Natillas De Leche recipe!

Strawberry pudding

If you prepare the strawberry pudding, which will suit your iftar tables with its creamy flavor, the night before, the flavor will increase the next day. How is strawberry pudding made?

Custard cake with orange jelly biscuit

Delicious, light and very practical dessert that you can serve after dinner … Custard cake recipe with orange jelly biscuit …


Although it is identified with the month of Ramadan, Güllaç is one of the delicious recipes you can always make. How is Güllaç made?

Cut pudding with grape jelly

A delicious and light dessert you can make with grapes You can read the recipe for cut pudding with grape jelly here.

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