Messages given by flowers |  Relationship

Messages given by flowers | Relationship

The meanings of flowers have now become a common floral language around the world. Like white evokes purity‚Ķ Some colored flowers can mean unpredictable. “Which flower represents what meaning?” Many of us are curious about the answer to the question. We have compiled the meanings of the most known and gifted flowers for you.

White Rose: Innocence

Yellow Rose: Warm love

Pink rose: My heart is on you

Red rose: Love

White carnation: Purity, cleanliness

Yellow carnation: Sadness

Red carnation: Love

Pink carnation: Sincerity

White tulip: Purity, cleanliness

Yellow tulip: Tension

Pink tulip: Understanding

Red tulip: I love you

White chrysanthemum: Loyalty

Yellow chrysanthemum: Unrequited love

Red chrysanthemum: Silent request

Mor krizantem: Sourness

Daisy: Health, abundance

Narcissus / fulya: Don’t forget

Violet: Humility

Broadcloth: You’re beautiful

Gardenya: You are my true love

Honeysuckle: Eternal devotion

Lilies: Confidence

Orchid: Pure and intrinsic love

Hyacinth: Rebirth

Frezya: Innocence

Gerbera: Optimism

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