“Maybe it works for me” box |  Life

“Maybe it works for me” box | Life

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Does anyone have a hard time simplifying? Some decisions are really difficult. For some we are not ready spiritually, for some decisions we need time to make a truly accurate observation. For moments like this, you can make yourself a “maybe box” or “maybe I’ll use it”. This box (or maybe even boxes) will come in handy when you review your home and go for simplification, it will save you time in your indecisive moments and will make you decide on your own after a certain period of time. I wish they could be used in all areas of life. 🙂

So how can we use these boxes?

1. First of all, create these boxes for each field in your simplification process. So there can be separate boxes for kitchen utensils, clothes, bathroom or books. So you find it easier when you need to go back and buy something. I say box, but a basket, bag, suitcase or bag will do just fine. Then, put the items that you haven’t used much lately and that you are not sure to leave yet, even if you can’t find enough reasons to stay, in this box.

2. When the simplification in the field you are interested in is over, that is, when you are finished with what you will put in the box, put the date of that day on the box, put the box away, and make a note on a calendar, even better on your online calendar, to check it a few months later with a warning. I think 3 months is enough, but if you want to be more sure, you can say 6 months. In this process, if you need to use this box, you can take it back. In such a case, be sure to observe your experience. For example, if this is an outfit, how did you feel when you wore it, or did you regret wearing it? If it is a kitchen tool or a serving plate, did you use it comfortably or is it because it is not practical because you have not used it for a long time? In such cases, you do not need to wait for 6 months for the stay/go decision. You may even be very satisfied and decide to continue using it.

3. When the period you have set is over, the first thing to check is: Have you forgotten the box and its contents? How did you feel when the calendar reminder came? If you have completely forgotten, you can actually say goodbye to all of them easily. But maybe you’ve been waiting for this moment for days. In such cases, if you don’t need it enough to pick up and use, then there are probably emotional ties. In such a case, you can leave the products by taking their photos, or if it is too difficult to leave with all of them, you can keep 1-2 of them as a memory.

I am generally mild in my suggestions because I think that when our mindset changes, we will adapt our things to it. What we need to do for this is to move forward in this direction for a while, albeit with small steps. But if you say ‘I took a road and I will do it in the most correct way’, you should say goodbye to any item (if it is not seasonal, such as swimwear, ski sets, etc.) that you do not use within the process you have determined.

This week we looked at the topic “maybe it will work for me”, I hope your simplification steps continue with determination.

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