May 11, 2020, New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2020, New Moon in Taurus

Hello, a new moon will occur at 21.59, 11 May, Istanbul time. Taurus is about balance, peace, what we have, appreciating what we have, patience, continuity, worldly pleasures and money. We will have a period in which these issues are emphasized until the Lunar Eclipse on May 26.

The degree of Yeniay is in the 6th house, which is the health house of the moment map. As I mentioned above, Taurus is a sign that emphasizes continuity and it may be appropriate to make a prediction that the restrictions we are in during this period will continue. The degree of new moon is not in very compelling angles on the map. There is a formation that shows that with Pluto in Capricorn, we can achieve success with a certain continuity regarding the subjects we show patience and discipline. In addition, the sixties he received from Neptune also point to the support we will receive from around us and our intuition to direct us.

The degree of the new moon is in a parallel angle with the ALDEBARAN fixed star. The Aldebaran star is a very powerful star and promises success if we do not fall into handicaps such as deceiving or trying to deceive. In this case, we can say that the patience and discipline we will show in both health and financial matters point to the issues that will lead us to success in the long term.

If we evaluate it over the rising signs;

Rising Aries

It is a period open to new developments in financial matters. You can start a new project, create a new source of income, get job offers. Disciplined work will provide you with positive financial returns.

Bull Rising

You can change your physical appearance and start a new health routine. Changes may come into your life in general. The responsibilities you take on academic issues, publishing or foreign-related matters will give you positive feedback.

Gemini Rising

Expenditures may arise out of your control in financial matters. It’s not exactly the right time to deal with people and topics you haven’t researched on financial matters.

Cancer Rising

In this period, your financial exchanges with your friends, issues with receivables, issues related to the continuity of your friendship, and the income you earn from your career gain emphasis.

Lion Rising

Your continuity in your career, your peace of mind is under question during this period. It’s not a time to conceive of big changes. You can enter into some financial calculations about your career.

Virgo Rising

A period that marks new developments, new sources of income, or the end of an era regarding financial matters in academic matters, your money exchanges with distant relatives, or your international business or travels.

Libra Rising

There may be new developments in finance issues, especially in the areas of expenditures, joint income with your spouse, loans and debts. These developments may have positive connections with your family or home, leading to a real estate investment or new developments regarding loans.

Scorpio Rising

There may be new developments in your bilateral relations and issues related to your marriage, if any. If you are preparing for a wedding or money issues with your partner, his / her financial issues may come to the fore. A relocation is among the topics that may be important in this period.

Sagittarius Rising

There may be significant improvements in daily affairs, pets, and health-related issues. In particular, you may encounter facilitating transformations in your daily work caused by the discipline you take in financial matters. It is useful to pay attention to the throat and upper respiratory tract.

Capricorn Rising

There are innovative situations regarding your love relationships, if any, your children. New flings may enter your life. It’s time to solidify the emotional issues related to your existing dating. In addition, there may be some developments related to children and entertainment, hobbies, where you will experience money input or output.

Aquarius Rising

Family, parents, especially father and house, a period in which financial topics, investments, receivables come to the fore in real estate. It is a very suitable time for those who are interested in agriculture or are considering land investment.

Fish Rising

A period in which issues related to education, urban or short travels, relatives, correspondence are emphasized. These issues can often be related to finance. A new financial agreement or money exchanges between you and your circle, siblings, and close relatives are on the agenda.

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