Makeup tricks for your face shape

Makeup tricks for your face shape

We hear many beauty suggestions from experts, but we do not know much about what to do according to our face shape. Our face shape is extremely important in how to make up. Here are 7 makeup suggestions for your face shape …

The first suggestion we can give according to face shape is on blush. In all face types, blush should first be applied from the cheekbones. On oval faces, blush should only be rubbed on the cheekbones to get a natural look. On long faces, towards the ears; In square faces, blush should be spread towards the temples. On round faces, it should be applied to the cheeks without getting too close to the nose.

The wrong eyebrow shape is important enough to cause disaster on our face. Eyebrows should be thick and thick on square faces, and straight on long faces. On round faces, there should be a slight curvature in the eyebrows.

You may think lip products are not important for face shape, but they are very important. Bold and assertive colors can be used on round faces. Natural colors should be used on long faces. Soft colors should be preferred for square faces because they draw attention to the lower part of the face.

You can get a more beautiful look by revealing certain points of your face. Those with heart-shaped faces should emphasize the mouth circumference, while those with round faces should emphasize the chin area. In rectangular faces, temples and mouth circumference should be emphasized. For square faces, the emphasis should be on the temples.

The purpose of beauty suggestions according to face shape is to draw attention to certain areas. When applying makeup, you should know well where to highlight and cover. Women with round faces should highlight their eyes along with the correct eyebrow shape. Women with heart faces should also highlight their eyes. Women with oval or square faces should focus the emphasis in the center, as they have symmetrical features.

As with all makeup tips, you should keep the attention away from some points. On long faces, do not apply the blush across the cheekbone to avoid an angled effect. In round faces, blush should spread towards the ears. For oval faces, make-up should be balanced and should not focus on a single point.

There are many beauty tips that suit you, and you can apply a little trial and error to achieve perfection in makeup. Maybe your face shape is completely unique to you and doesn’t belong to any of the known face shapes. So, apply the tips that make you happy and that you think fit well.

People with this type of face will always prefer light-colored or natural-looking foundations. It should stay away from make-up where eyes and lips are at the forefront at the same time, if you want to emphasize the eyes, natural shadows should be applied to the lips. If the lipstick is in dark tones; Light colored eyeshadows should be preferred.

Dark-toned foundations should be used on these types of faces. By applying blush on the upper edge of the cheekbones, the face can be made to look round. The application of the foundation applied to the forehead and nose area by mixing two different tones will provide you with a perfect look.

While dark-toned foundation is applied to the chin and forehead area, light-toned foundation should be used in the rest of the face. Those who want to have an oval look on their face should use their blush by applying bed strokes.

You can have an oval look with the right makeup technique. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the chin and forehead area. The foundation should be applied in natural tones and to the chin area, and they should prefer light colored blushes for the cheeks. On heart-shaped faces, it is important to emphasize the eye area. For this reason, dark eye make-up should be preferred. A good mascara and eyeliner will be enough to have stunning eyes.

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