Make your home a school of love |  Sound of Life

Make your home a school of love | Sound of Life

The highest point human can reach; It is to love other people, all living and inanimate beings with sincerity and generosity, without expecting any return. The feeling of volunteering and love is infinitely present in every human soul. In order to add this limitless value to your life and to walk the path of love, love and volunteering must be learned and actively present in our lives. Volunteering and love are learned in the family. For those who do not learn volunteering and love in the family, it is too difficult to learn elsewhere.

For everyone who wants to reach the meaning of life and be happy, volunteering is a great human way that offers incredible tastes. In summary; Volunteering is the desire and desire of a person to give his knowledge, experience and experience, the joy in his heart, the compassion and light in his soul to other people and all beings, and to turn them into action. Volunteering is to keep the hearts pleasant, to share loneliness, to be friends with the needy, to take the arms of the weak, to caress the cheeks, to make pale faces laugh, to alleviate the pain, and to please the poor. Volunteering; It means that a person who wants to improve his life does not walk alone, thinks of others and works with love and compassion for their peace and well-being. Love and compassion are two important qualities that make us human.

The most important food of the family is love. A child born and living with love in the family learns the truth of love and sees living in love as a natural way of life. It makes a loving life a way of life. Unable to learn love, the child does not know how to love even his immediate surroundings, and shows his first lovelessness against his mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. Instead of loving them, he sees them as a tool he uses to fulfill his desires. A child who does not recognize affection and compassion in his own family cannot be compassionate and compassionate towards his own family. We have seen so many children who are sick and in need who do not care about their parents. The foundation of the family; the values, virtues and loving relationships that live in the family. These are reflected out of the family, enlightening the world and world life.

The essence of volunteering is boundless love in the human soul. Instead of teaching the child volunteering, it is necessary to set an example and make it a lifestyle at home and in all relationships. The child should not see loving, giving, sharing as a duty or sacrifice… He should live in the belief and naturalness that life is to give, love and not expect a return.

The child sees and learns life in the family. How parents lived, what attitudes and behaviors they had in the past, the child encounters them and takes them as an example. Its truth; what they see and live. If he does not encounter very important stimuli, he does not realize that there may be other kinds of lives and does not try to create a new future.

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