Living room arrangement according to Feng Shui

Living room arrangement according to Feng Shui

They are living spaces that concern all family members and require great care and importance. The first important step in the arrangement of living rooms is the preparation and implementation of a layout that supports the goals and development of all family members. The compass direction with which these important living spaces coincide is also a major factor in the arrangements.

* A hall in the eastern compass direction promotes growth and development. It is about good family relationships, social life, friends, and our health. If a family member has a health problem or if family relationships are broken, you need to organize this area correctly and carefully. Wooden furniture, wooden dining table, living plants can be added to the decoration.

* A living room that coincides with the southeast compass direction brings abundance to family members. It is directly related to money, fortune, material gain and abundance. If you want to earn more money and save money, you can revitalize and strengthen this area.

  • You can place small ornamental pools, waterfalls,
  • Metal coins in a metal bowl,
  • Pictures of things you want to have or objects that remind you of wealth,
  • Chinese coins or ingots
  • small potted plants,
  • Traditionally you can place an aquarium with 8 orange fish and 1 black fish, but the water must be constantly clean and the engine running well.

* A living room coinciding with the south compass direction is related to our position in society. This compass direction is the direction in which the respect we see in society is supported. Their colors are bright yellow, red, orange, pink. While it is suitable for actors, artists, journalists and writers, decoration is an area that needs to be supported in order to be successfully appreciated and respected by the society for your work. The only thing that needs attention here is that the reds are not overwhelming. Otherwise, it will cause sudden disagreements and heated arguments among family members.

* A living room that coincides with the southwest compass is also perfect. Although the Southwest manages love and partnerships, it also supports harmony and unity among family members. If you want a new relationship, if you want to save your marriage from problems or even if you want to have a child, you need to strengthen this area and organize it according to what you want. Although it is a direction related to love and marriage, it is also the direction that represents motherhood. If family meals are important to you, you can position the dining table in this area.

* A living room that coincides with the western compass field is for children. If you have problems with your children, if your job requires creativity, if you want to have children, you can strengthen this area by using pastel colors, including metal accessories, choosing white furniture, seating groups.

* A living room that coincides with the Northwest compass direction is about journeys, guiding people in our lives. It attracts the people we support in our lives. Being at the right time in life, in the right place, and with the right person explains the energy of this aspect. If there are countries you want to see and visit, if you want to attract the energy of support to your life, if you need people to support you, strengthen this area. Large metal accessories, silvers, gray and white colors should be in the decoration. With such a layout and decoration, we invite people who will contribute to our lives with their kindness. You can also display the objects and accessories you bought during your travels in this area. Another thing to note is that the northwest compass direction is a paternity aspect.

* If you are interested in any course, hobby that will contribute to your learning, academic success or development, where we see a living room coinciding with the northeast compass direction, if you are preparing for an important exam, cream beige colors and ceramic objects can be used in decoration. Course grades are a direction that brings success to a student who is not good, in short, it is a field related to education.

* A living room that coincides with the north compass direction brings great support and luck to work in the family, especially for working people. If you are not where you want to be in your job or career, you need to increase the energy of this compass direction.

  • Tools and equipment related to your job and profession can be positioned,
  • Black, white and metal colors,
  • Glass and metal accessories,

Energy is also created using symbols.

  • A white desk placed in the north area provides a new business opportunity,
  • An aquarium placed in the southeast constantly provides new gains,
  • The picture of a peacock hanging to the south or its feathers provide recognition and reputation in business life,
  • A pair of pink quartz stones placed in the southwest attract new relationships for singles,
  • An earth figure placed in the northwest provides opportunities for desired travels,
  • A family picture placed in the east ensures harmony togetherness,
  • A desk or library placed in the northeast contributes to academic success,
  • A doll figure placed in the west, a metal and abstract object placed in the west contributes to the spirit of creativity.

Lighting with spots in living rooms and halls is considered negative. This lighting should be avoided as much as possible. One of the things I encounter in many places while doing consultancy is that these lightings are used in the beams. If you have such a space in your living room, definitely avoid placing a sofa set and a dining table underneath. Lighting should be sufficient. Like very bright lights, very dim lighting creates imbalance.

I would also like to briefly mention the mistakes I encounter frequently in decorations. You may have seen butterfly boards or sail figures in bottles in many halls. Do not position such accessories in your living rooms. Because they symbolize restraint, captivity.

Bonsai plants are also very wrong choices. These plants are plants that have been interfered with and prevented from growing. Consider its effect in the living room, a common space that concerns all family members.

Also in shape; Square or rectangular living rooms are ideal. If there is a missing compass direction in the room, Feng Shui can be applied by drawing the Bagua map alone in the living room.

In addition to all these, the layout and cleanliness of living rooms is also very important in terms of Feng Shui.

Article: Zeynep Akcay / Feng Shui Academy

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