Life Mother’s Day Virtual Circle “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Life Mother’s Day Virtual Circle “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Organized every month with the facilitation of Damla Çeliktaban, HTHayat Publishing Director, HTHLife virtual women’s hoops continues!

We have lived a lot, are living. We carry a lot on our shoulders. It will be good for us to lighten a little, to welcome the spring, to feel shoulder to shoulder. For this, HTHayat’s readers, team and special guests are all together. Sunday, May 9 at 21:00 We’ll meet at Zoom. Mothers DayWe are waiting for all of you to celebrate, pour out, share and find strength in the arms of mother earth.

History: 9 May 2021, Sunday

When: 21:00

Location: Zoom

For the registration: [email protected]

Participation: There is no requirement to be a mother or a fee to join this virtual circle, but we do have a request. With us, you can donate saplings for Mother Earth. @hthayat Instagram account via or [email protected] Share by mail. Let’s label you, let’s increase the goodness together.

Come on, let’s be shoulder to shoulder under the roof of HTHayat again this month!

Life meetings: Woman to woman every month, from heart to heart …

In HTHayat virtual women’s circles, thousands of women came together on the subjects of “Shadow Sides of Motherhood”, “Borders, Our Limits”, “7/24 Motherhood”, “Mourning”, “Love”, “The Right to Stop”, and shared what spilled from their hearts. In March, at the HTHayat Women’s Festival, HTHayat Publishing Director, Damla Çeliktaban facilitated “Body Wisdom”, “Looking at Life through a Fairy Tale Window”, “Creative Perception” We met women and women with free workshops such as Zoom meetings and live broadcasts. HTHayat will continue to open the circle area for women every month. Stay tuned!

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