Life, love and possibilities |  Life

Life, love and possibilities | Life

Comes with difficulties facilitators. Trouble is the premise of the remedy. The solution is in the problem. The antidote is in the knowledge of the poison. The plant is in the core of the seed.

Some experience pain and some enthusiasm during the feast. There are those who feel the loneliness most deeply, and those who are thankful for the presence of those beside them.

Special days come and go with new meanings every year. When humanity passes through crucial thresholds, the need to find balance becomes extreme. The meanings of the past and current experiences are mixed. Special days, which were completely different compared to 1 year ago, are a means of internal accounting to see what remains. Some things are lost, some things are perceived as purification, some things are perceived as opportunities. Perceptions change depending on time. Time is the greatest converter. How we use time enables us to run its transformation feature most intensely.

While we are living a common time together, we are all bumping into our inner realm, between our inner walls. In our inner world, we travel from storms to calm seas, from waves to currents. We are all spinning in an orbit in the life system with our own world.

We need the outside world that interacts with them as well as our body and consciousness. We need methods, tools, inspiration. We are one with life. We are one of those who created the outside world. The world becomes the home of life with its interaction with our existence. Our place in the unity of life is unique. We proceed as a whole. We also need light to sustain the resources of our own world. To each other’s light, to the light of wholeness… But at times, we may even forget the existence of light.

When man forgets that he is a tiny part of the universe, he thinks his world is all life. When his perception is limited to his own world, he thinks that the remedies and possibilities are limited. When he’s left with only the resources of his own world, it one day runs out and turns into a barren planet. However, life continues where there is light. Turning to the light, feeding from external sources, using time as a fuel make new life possibilities possible. The light is always there. It’s a good step to move a little towards it, at least to put intent. Light shows itself lovingly in everyday life. Living with a state of love is almost a source of light. Our dark sides, fears and anger lose their effect only when love is increased. Love, which can be lived in its various forms, is a good source of life, even if it is not easy to maintain …

Now the light times have begun. Let’s take advantage of the light, until the new dark darkness comes – which can come at any time in life. Let’s keep the light where the love is. Let’s bring the love side to light. Let’s add crumbs of love to our behavior. Let’s increase the energy of love. What do we see when we look at the experiences with love, let’s at least practice it. “Is it possible to look at it with love?”, “How would I add love to it?”, “What would it be like if there was love in this?”

A lot can be asked. Holidays, special occasions can become candidates to be unifying or separating. We can increase love through our intentions and actions. Whatever we can do that day. Let’s at least remember the love.

Let’s turn our face to the light.

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