Life doesn’t flow backwards |  Life

Life doesn’t flow backwards | Life

By the end of 2020, according to Turkstat, Turkey’s population of 83 million 614 thousand 362 people while it is 22 million 750 thousand 657’s consists of children … 22 million 750 thousand 657 children we live is 13 months and obviously in a period of the epidemic, which will d to dominate our lives from people who are very affected. Just like over 65 years old.

My son, who is in his 10th birthday, and millions of his peers have not been in school for more than a year. We all go through an inconceivable life that comes about when the thing called school fits into the screen.

This subject occupies my mind constantly with its various dimensions. World systems are being tested with the priority they give to their children, I see. Our country failed in this regard a long time ago. In our country, children are far behind in priority.

I look at the effects of the school entering the screen on the lives of children. School used to be run and play with friends, a relationship with a teacher, learn from older children, teach little children, and it was a little bit of freedom away from adults. It was the touch of a teacher, the smell of a classroom, the feeling of sitting in a row, the freedom of recess. What about now. Now it is very difficult to distinguish the school from Youtube. The system called education now tries to fill the mind of the child with information. It hurts me. I don’t mind. The education system collapsed. It was collapsing before the epidemic, now it is destroyed. We still assume it is alive. As with most things, we don’t see this as it happens.

Why is that?

Why don’t we gather intelligent people from different professions to see what is happening in this regard? Why do we assume that a system shaped by the industrial revolution will work in our current life? Why does not take the well-being of the child as a priority in our lives. We are not talking to these children that everything we do, we do not do, will shape the future of this country, that the main investment should be in them? Why do we compel them to fit into useless patterns instead of giving way to the new man of the new age?

When we were children, 30 years ago, our capacity to access information was limited by the number of encyclopedias at home, by the number of educated people around us. Google has taken care of the children of the present. Getting information is not an issue. For present children, it is a matter of keeping curiosity alive, being familiar with the productions they can produce with their hands, not falling into obesity, and protecting from excessive and wrong and manipulative information in the corridors of the internet. For children today, being in 3-dimensional life is as much a matter as a 2-dimensional life.

Our school system has collapsed.

It was already collapsing. Instead of real information about life (nutritional knowledge, emotional literacy, knowledge of values, knowledge of living creatures that inhabit a living planet), information that will not be remembered by anyone after an examination such as who fought alongside with whom in which war, the system is in pursuit of teachers; the system whose understanding was still to convey the information (which you can reach where you shake your hand) had collapsed… It was not replaced.

The epidemic magnified what went wrong in our lives and showed those who could see it. Those who cannot see continue to sing where they cannot see, even if the epidemic passes, we can go back to our old lives, our already collapsed systems …

However, life does not turn back… It cannot be as if such big breaks were not experienced. There is no such thing as returning to old life after the epidemic. It’s like mothers who have just given birth expect to go back to their lives before a baby. There is no such life anymore. No. As it will not be before the epidemic.

Instead of dreaming of the epidemic going through and going back to the old terrace, we should dream. Big breakthroughs exist for this. By sorting out the useless systems of the old to the next days, by following the arrival of the new and the new ones that do not serve us anymore, we cannot prepare ourselves, most of all, by preparing our children accordingly (as best we can) by not shackling the old ones around their neck. we can move forward.

Momentous issues such as hand skills, earthly knowledge, body feeding and care, relationship with intuition, flexible endurance, ability to manage stress, plenty of imagination, service to the collective are waiting for children to come and open them… Of course, we teach a handful of adults who believe in this to our children. However, our one or two or three children will grow up with 22 million 670 thousand peers. Today’s seeds will be sprouts that will bring our future closer to light or darkness. So what are we, our very important managers, still busy with?

I wonder.

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