Let’s be the girl in the street, not by the window

Let’s be the girl in the street, not by the window

I did not watch the show. I hadn’t read his book either. In fact, I find it against patient privacy for a physician to make his clinical data as material for popular media. “Patients have their consent” statements do not eliminate the obligation to hide data for me, they simply stink of consent construction, which I think is controversial.

In addition, I have doubts and concerns about how these TV series have benefited in terms of rehabilitation, while the country and even the world are currently going through a psychological depression. Is it restorative or worse overwhelming, in need of consideration from where I stand.

But this is not our topic.

In a scene in the series, the mother took the main daughter of the series to a virginity examination. As I understand from the shared visuals and reactions, this scene was presented in a very detailed and traumatic way. At this point, first of all, I would like to say that virginity examination is a crime. Article 287 of the Turkish Penal Code states that “The perpetrator who sends the person to the genital examination or performs this examination without the decision of the authorized judge and the prosecutor is sentenced to imprisonment from three months to one year.” This is the crime. A crime with imprisonment.

The mother in that scene and the perpetrator of this crime are also the doctor. If this scene was shot to raise awareness, could the audience understand that it was a crime, for example? Have any information on this been presented in the series? No. Then the purpose of awareness is doubtful.

There is a huge difference between portraying this scene as a crime and as a bad parenting practice. Moreover, the fact that the woman who was taken to the examination in the series did not have any sexual experience is also purposeful choice. Being a so-called “virgin” was presented as a prerequisite for being a “victim of violence” with this examination.

First of all, I would like to state that a person’s sexual experience is not limited to penetration. Moreover, whether penetration has occurred or not does not give a finding that can be understood by hymen examination. Leave the hymen tissue, which has already been highly politicized by the name of “hymen”, just as you should for the continuation of our body.

Any application made to the body under the name of virginity control is not called an “examination”. This is a sexual assault. It does not bear the legitimate grounds for a medical procedure to be examined. On the contrary, whatever the diagnosis is made as a result, the procedure itself harms the exposed person.

Remember the song “I am a street girl” by Nazan Öncel. Being a street girl means being “out of the way”. Which way is this way? She tells of the very beloved public immorality being a street girl. There is no male version, for example. It is not called a street man. The fact that men are on the street is in their “way”. At this point, let the expression “yollu” come to mind immediately.

Similarly, there is no male version of “house girl”. If it does, it doesn’t make good sense. For men, being a housewife is not glorified. Women are expected to be at home. How important is litmus of even this gender-based characterization in terms of sexism.

As long as we refuse to be princesses, we are expected to be the Girl at the Glass. However, we want to be behind the windows, not by the windows, but on the street. Right in the heart of life. In the marketplace, on the construction site, at the university, everywhere. Our body and our life. As much as we can not leave anyone’s own values. Not our father, not our husband, but all of us have the right to speak.

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