July 24, 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius and its effects on the zodiac

July 24, 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius and its effects on the zodiac

Hello there. At 5.36 am on July 24, a Full Moon will occur at the 1st degree of Aquarius. In other words, the subjects of reform, social rights and freedoms, rebellion, science and technology, which are the subjects represented by Aquarius, come to the fore.

We see a very close conjunction from Pluto, albeit beyond the sign (that is, not in the same sign, but angularly close) to the full Moon degree. This highlights the characteristics of this Full Moon that can be of a crisis and transformational nature. When we look at the chart of An, we see that the rising sign is Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius, and the Sun is in a very strong position here. In other words, as I just said, this full moon, which includes the themes of crisis and transformation, is also an indication that we are in a very fun, expressive way of expressing ourselves, that we are in a structure that is bright, sunny and able to be happy.

As the opposite sign of Aquarius is rising in the chart of the moment, Aquarius sign 7. Eve that is, bilateral relations fall into the house. Since Pluto also aspects this degree, I must say that the issues of crisis and transformation are related to bilateral relations. In addition, Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius in the 7th house, also stands as a compelling factor in relationships. Considering that Venus, the planet of bilateral relations, is also somewhat uncomfortable in Virgo, we can say that our relationships are evaluated on a logical basis and are subjected to some tests, confronted with the facts and questioned.

If we evaluate it through the rising signs;

Ascendant Aries

Friends, a period awaits you in which you will experience positive developments regarding the groups, associations, and career incomes with which you share a common ideal. You may experience some crises related to love, dating or, if any, your children.

Bull Rising

Your career, your visibility in the society and your success are among the lucky issues of this period. However, family issues are in this period as a somewhat compelling and crisis-prone factor.

Gemini Ascendant

Education, distances, foreign issues, publishing and travel are among the lucky topics that gain emphasis during this period. During this period, you may experience some crises with close relatives or siblings, or important agreements you will make can be transformative.

Ascendant Crab

You are in a period that can be very crisis in debts, insurance, loans, inheritance, this period is not very favorable for future investments and speculative situations.

Rising Lion

It is a period in which you express yourself strongly and demonstrate your managerial skills, but the issues of bilateral relations or marriage also gain a lot of emphasis and are among the challenging topics of this period.

Ascendant Virgo

Your work life, daily work and health have gained great importance in this period. If you have responsibilities to correct these, the steps you will take may force you to eliminate the issues that have hindered you until now, or maybe even rotten.

Ascendant Libra

Libras will be the ones who will feel the smell of love in the air the most during this period. Flirting is a time of crisis for new relationships that can create a bit of a crisis. But even if it is a crisis, the focus of this period will be love or your children, if any.

Rising Scorpio

You will experience the end of July, where home, family and real estate issues are at the forefront. Home renovations and real estate investments may come to the fore in this period.

Rising Sagittarius

You may experience developments that can create crisis and transformation in your relatives, siblings, close circle and education-related issues. You are at a time when you are more exposed and revealing your personality on educational issues.

Capricorn Rising

You will experience a Full Moon focused on financial matters, new sources of finance or investments. During this period, you may enter into some power wars for issues such as turning to new resources or increasing resources.

Ascendant Aquarius

Undoubtedly, this Full Moon is very important to you. You can make important decisions about your life in general. You have a strong urge to be yourself and follow your desires. These decisions can bring positive results in the long run. It is also a good time to change your appearance.

Soaring Pisces

Clustering in Aquarius will take place in a less visible area for you. It may not appear on a case-by-case basis, but there will be a Full Moon that will have significant effects on your psychology. Activities such as changing your behaviors that you think are making you negative and helping people in need will benefit you.

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