July 10, 2021 Cancer New Moon

July 10, 2021 Cancer New Moon

Hello there. On July 10, at 04:16, we will experience a New Moon in Cancer. This New Moon will be effective for 15 days in mid-July. Cancer is related to our loved ones, family, parents, home, home, immovable property. In this period, we will experience a mid-July, where these issues are emphasized, we can experience new developments regarding these issues, and we will reach a new level of awareness. In addition, communication, short trips, education, issues related to our close relatives are also emphasized because the rising sign of the moment chart is Gemini and Mercury is very close to the ascendant in Gemini, so it makes itself felt very strongly.

We see that Jupiter in Pisces makes a harmonious aspect beyond the sign of the ascendant. In other words, in this period, the emphasis of all distant and near travels, academic education and its impact on our lives will be very high and lucky. I think this New Moon is a very lucky and beautiful New Moon. The planet Neptune also forms a harmonious aspect to the New Moon degree. In other words, empathy, emotionality, helping those in need and healing are emphasized a lot during this period. In addition to all of these, the fact that its rising degree is achieved with the positively effective BETELGEUSE fixed star shows that we are going through a period in which we will not feel too hindered and our potential to be successful in the steps we take is high.

If we evaluate it through the rising signs:

Ascendant Aries

You can receive positive developments and support in matters related to home, family, parents, immovable property. In addition, indoors, health, healing or any work you do indoors during this period can bring you growth and luck in the long run.

Bull Rising

It’s a socially active time when you get support from friends and groups of people, and strengthen your emotional bonds with your immediate surroundings. You are in good times for all kinds of communication, negotiations and agreements.

Gemini Ascendant

Times when there are very positive effects in financial matters, generating new incomes, making significant expenditures. Your career and your place in society also support these financial issues. It can rise in your career, promotion can increase your income.

Ascendant Crab

Get ready for new developments regarding your emotional life, closed spaces, roots, family, immovable properties. It is a period when you receive important support especially in academic education, distances, foreigners, distant relatives, relatives of your spouse.

Rising Lion

In your private life, if there are issues in your psychology that you want to clear, that you want to heal, this period will be incredibly healing. It is also a very lucky period in matters such as spouse’s income and joint income.

Ascendant Virgo

It is also a lucky period in bilateral relations, where your emotional ties with your close friends or the groups you belong to are strengthened. A July awaits you, where you spend a good time with your social circle.

Ascendant Libra

New developments about your career are waiting for you, the luck from your colleagues, the people who work for you, the work you do or the work environment itself will take you one step further in your career.

Rising Scorpio

There are both your social circle, the subjects you enjoy, your hobbies, your dating or your children, as well as academic subjects, distant matters, and support from your spouse’s relatives. This is the perfect time to travel and have fun.

Rising Sagittarius

It is a period in which new developments can be experienced in terms of spouse’s incomes and joint incomes, new sources of income can be created or you can take on a new investment or a new debt. You can also get support from your family in these matters, your new investment may be on real estate.

Capricorn Rising

There may be new and lucky, enlarging developments regarding bilateral relations and marriage. These developments may come from your relatives, close circle. Issues such as strong connections with your marriage and relatives or the potential for new relationships of people you meet in your close circle will come up.

Ascendant Aquarius

Topics such as daily chores, pets, coworkers and your health, diet routine will come to the fore. Here you need to be aware of your needs and act accordingly. Money issues also support business and health issues.

Soaring Pisces

In general, it is a period that is lucky, tends to be a little lazy, gain weight, but has strong support. This New Moon will be a new and very lucky period related to love, hobbies, dating, sports and if any, your children.

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