Italy wins Eurovision 2021

Italy wins Eurovision 2021

The Eurovision song contest was held for the 65th time this year. 39 countries participated in the competition, which took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The competition, which could not be held within the scope of COVID-19 measures last year, was accepted only by the audience who could get COVID negative test results in the last 24 hours this year. For this reason, only 20 percent of the hall where the competition was held was occupied.

26 countries made it to the finals in the contest, which can be watched live on the ‘Eurovision Song contest’ Youtube account. These countries are Southern Cyprus, Albania, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Britain, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, Spain, Moldova, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Azerbaijan, Norway, Netherlands, Italy. It was San Marino, Sweden.

The winner of the 65th Eurovision song contest, which was watched live from 45 countries, received 524 points and became the Maneskin Rock band representing Italy with the song ‘Zitti E Buoni’. Representing France with the song “Voila”, Barbara Pravi got the second place with 499 points, and Gjon’s Tears, representing Switzerland with the song ‘Tout l’Univers’, got the third place with 432 points. Representing Azerbaijan with his song ‘Matta Hari’, Efendi took 20th place with 60 points.

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