It is possible to make chicken from wheat!  |  Life

It is possible to make chicken from wheat! | Life

Seitan forms the basis of many products sold as vegan meat. It becomes a vegan protein source by revealing gluten, a protein found in wheat. It is very similar in texture to real meat and can mimic many meat dishes when flavored with the right seasonings.

After the dough prepared with flour and water is thoroughly kneaded and gathered, it is filled with enough water to be covered in a deep bowl and left for 2 hours. Afterwards, this water is filtered and kneading is started after it is refilled with cool water. This step is repeated about 3 times, changing when the water turns white. What makes the water white here is the starch of the wheat, and it flows with the water, leaving behind a high protein wheat gluten paste dough.

Seitan has a very close texture to chicken meat and can be flavored in many different ways and can be an alternative to real meat.

You can store the prepared seitan in the refrigerator for a few days and in the freezer for three months.

Although seitan contains a high amount of protein, these proteins are not very diverse, so it should be consumed with different protein sources in a balanced diet. It is rich in minerals such as selenium and iron.

People with gluten allergies should avoid it, as it is made up almost entirely of wheat gluten.


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