It interferes with my cleanliness and meticulousness |  Relationship

It interferes with my cleanliness and meticulousness | Relationship

My wife has made a habit of meddling in all my household chores. Moreover, this situation started to become more and more destructive. He gets confused while ironing, “Iron like this, not like that.” says. “Why didn’t you throw this away with?” he asks. I don’t want to be disrespectful to him, but I feel like I’m going to explode eventually and there’s going to be a big argument.

“If it’s easy, you do it.” a few times. I said. It must have been a shame for me to say this, for a few days he did not interfere, but as I said, I guess he made it a habit and started to interfere again. It is very difficult to say that complete justice has been achieved in our house in terms of division of labor. I do almost all the housework. I am a working woman. We continue to work online, but I still have a lot of difficulty in doing physical housework even though I am at home because I am mentally tired.

My husband, like me, still works from home online. Sometimes I say to myself, “I wish he went to work…”. Because he started to question his housework too much. Moreover, he does not do this because he is eager to help me, he only does it to criticize me. All his knowledge comes from what he has observed from me.

I couldn’t understand why he acted like that. If he needs me to get involved so much, let him come and do it himself. If he is not satisfied with my job, let him come and do it himself. Do you think he started to deal with such things because he was bored, although this is not an occupation. It’s starting to be disrespectful now. How should I talk about this without offending him?

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