Is your hair loss normal?  |  Beauty

Is your hair loss normal? | Beauty

50-100 strands of hair are shed a day, it is normal to see a few strands on your pillow every morning when you wake up, and some hair accumulation at the shower drain is normal. The amount of hair loss depends on its length and thickness. Interestingly, this also has to do with your pillowcase. However, if you notice that your hair is starting to fall out too much, you may be right to worry.

So how do you know if your hair loss is normal?

1- pull your hair

If you suspect that your hair is falling out more than usual, wrap your fingers around your hair (make sure you have at least 50-60 strands in your palm) and pull. If you don’t have more than 3 strands of hair on your hand, don’t worry.

2- Pay attention to your shower drain

It is normal to lose some hair while taking a shower. Don’t be afraid if this amount increases after you comb your hair. However, if you notice that your hair spills excessively when you take a shower, this may indicate a problem.

3- count the spilled wires

Another way to tell if your hair is shedding normally is to count how many strands are shed. Comb your hair for about 60 seconds and see how many strands are lost. Spillage of up to 10 wires is normal and indicates that you should not worry.

4- Look at how thick your hair is

If you think your hair is getting thinner, the best way to tell is to make your hair into a ponytail. If you notice a big change in the thickness of your hair, you may need to see a doctor.

5- Check your scalp

If your hair is shedding more than normal, you may notice some areas of your scalp becoming bald. If your scalp has small but completely non-hairy areas, this is an indication that your hair has a high potential for shedding.

6- Pay attention to where you split your hair

If your scalp is easily visible when you separate your hair from both sides or in the middle, this is a sign that your hair is shedding more than it should.

7- Look at your pillow

It is quite normal to lose 5-20 strands every night, especially if you have a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases are known to absorb hair moisture, causing your hair to dry out and become easily spilled. However, if you find too much hair on your pillowcase, it may mean that you experience excessive hair loss.

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