Is there any harm in back bulking?

Is there any harm in back bulking?

Back bulge is defined as the sound of crackling from the spine while doing some stretching movements. Many joints in the body can make similar sounds when they move in a certain way. The sound that comes out when the joint is massing is actually caused by the release of nitrogen gas in the capsules in the joints. Chiropractic doctor BJ Hardick is a specialist in joints and bones. In his article on, Hardick says that the sound of massing our joints is not the same as putting the joints in place during a chiropractic session: “There are differences between the interventions a chiropractor makes to straighten the spine and just move it. Chiropractors treat a joint by making a special movement, not just a movement that can make a sound. When a person moves their spine, they may sometimes think of it as an alignment movement, but this movement without a specific focus does not provide any alignment. “

Dr. According to Hardick’s explanations, when we mass our own back or neck, we force the joints here to move only slightly beyond their normal range. The vertebrae that cause the massing sound are not mostly clogged vertebrae, we usually hear the sound coming from the vertebrae just below or above the problem area.

When we mass our own spine, we only feel some relief at best. Any relaxing action that makes a sound also causes the release of endorphins in our body, making it feel good. Therefore, back bulking is not a harmful move, but experts point out that it is not a therapeutic move.

The joint sounds we hear while doing yoga or doing any stretching movements indicate that there may be a blocked / locked point in our spine. In this case, Dr. Hardick says it would be helpful to talk to a chiropractor so the real problem can be found and treated.

Chiropractor Dr. BJ Hardick says that when everything is fine in the human body, that is, when there is proper movement, correct posture and good muscle tone, the person does not need to snap their joints. People who receive chiropractic treatment do not need to have their back massaged because the blockages in the area are removed with correct intervention.

Dr. It is best to give up this habit, as there is no long-term benefit to back massing according to Hardick’s suggestion. Endorphins released after the movement make us feel a state of well-being just like the pleasure we get when we exercise, and we become addicted to this movement, albeit on a small scale. When we make the habit of proper exercises and stretching, we will not need to bulge our joints anyway. There is no harm in doing this move, but it should not be forgotten that it does not help.

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