Is it possible to get pregnant while pregnant?

Is it possible to get pregnant while pregnant?

‘Superfetation’ This rare event, called the utero, refers to the reoccurrence of another fetus while a fetus is already in the womb. As a result of this event, the expectant mother has twins with different gestational weeks and sometimes even different birth dates. Superfetation should not be confused with a double pregnancy. Double pregnancy is the name given to the fertilization of 2 eggs released during a menstrual period during different relationships. In the case of superfetation, the woman becomes pregnant at different menstrual periods, regardless of her current gestational age. If twins different height, weight and even different blood group may be. Normally, when a woman becomes pregnant, her ovaries do not continue to release eggs because the hormones give the body the signal to ‘get ready to raise the baby’. But when superfetation occurs, the ovaries release another egg that is likely to be fertilized.

There are 10 cases officially recorded on this subject. The last one happened to Australian Kate Hill. twice in 10 days Kate’s daughters, who became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters, are called twins even though there are 10 days between their conception dates. Despite being born on the same day, the girls have different heights, weights and blood types.

Moreover, superfetation is a situation that can be experienced among animals. Mice, kangaroos, rabbits, sheep, felines and fish can also experience superfestation. Upon the investigation of the realization that the offspring of the rabbits were of different sizes, it turned out that the rabbits became pregnant for the second time while they were pregnant. Interesting information: The first person to notice this situation in rabbits is the philosopher Aristotle…

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