Is it necessary to have a lover for happiness?

Is it necessary to have a lover for happiness?

“If your relationship, especially your marriage, is making you unhappy, don’t be afraid that it will be a source of unhappiness for life. It is possible to find the feeling of happiness within yourself.” A Michigan State University study gives hope to people who stay in an unhappy relationship for some reason or feel unhappy because they don’t have a girlfriend.

Many people dream of having a girlfriend. However, falling in love does not guarantee happiness. Love also contains pain, tears, disappointments. Love, which is said to last 3-4 years for the chemical presence in the brain, gives a temporary intensity. So, is a relationship with the opposite sex necessary to be happy in life?

Although what happens in a relationship seems to affect a person’s individual happiness, the studies of scientists find results that support the fact that looking at life as a whole can be the main source of happiness.

“Does it make you happier to be married or single?”. “Is living in love a guarantee of happiness?” Scientists followed these questions and measured the happiness levels of people according to their relationship status throughout their lives. It was measured whether people who were in the last period of their lives were happy when they looked back and evaluated their lives, and whether their relationships with the opposite sex affected their general happiness levels. The study analyzed the relationship histories of more than 7,500 people aged 18-60 years. The results of married, divorced and single people were compared with each other. The study, published in the Journal of Positive Pyschology, revealed which groups are happy when they reach the next stage of their lives.

“People often think you have to be married to be happy.” the researchers said to the participants “Do you think people have to be in a relationship to be happy?”, “Does lifelong relationships cause unhappiness?” He asked various questions such as

79% of respondents spend most of their lives The married were people who passed. 8 percent constantly single or they were people who had spent most of their lives unmarried. 13 percent had various relationship histories and started and ended various relationships, divorce, spouse loss or had a history of remarriage. The researchers then posed questions to the older participants and asked them to rate their level of happiness. The results were compared with the other group.

The results of the study, conducted at Michigan State University’s Department of Psychology, revealed that those who were single for life were no happier than those who were married or had a history of relationships. With people who have never had a love affair before When compared, the happiness levels of these people were found to be higher. in research unhappiness However, a definite result linking the marriage could not be determined. Happiness levels of married people very slight elevation was seen, but the researchers noted that it was a statistically insignificant difference.

According to the comments; When it comes to the happiness level of the individual, being in a relationship rarely affects the whole life story. People can continue to stay in relationships that are a source of sadness, but even that can affect their lives. “Unhappy” does not cause it to be considered.

The emotional intensity of the relationship causes the whole life to be evaluated as happy or unhappy. People who are in the advanced stages of their lives know that this state of unhappiness is temporary. According to science happiness not the relationship, to life perspective Regardless of the experiences encountered in life, feeling happy manifests itself as a deeper state.

The unhappiness experienced in a double relationship does not affect the whole life. on the other hand single people they can continue their lives by enjoying different aspects of their lives such as their friendships, hobbies and working life. Giving too much importance to being in a relationship when it comes to finding happiness is interpreted as a useless attitude. Older people are inspiring to find inner happiness regardless of external circumstances.

Prepared: Senem Tahmaz

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