Is HPV vaccine made during pregnancy?

Is HPV vaccine made during pregnancy?

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus / Human Papilloma Virus) is a type of virus that can cause cancer in the cervix, vulva, vagina and anus as well as genital warts. The HPV vaccine, which is recommended for the prevention of HPV and the diseases it causes, is generally recommended for all women between the ages of 9-26. So is the HPV vaccine safe during pregnancy?

There are important restrictions regarding all drug and vaccine therapies used during pregnancy. Although experiments on animals have shown that the HPV vaccine made during pregnancy did not affect the fetus, the fact that no studies on humans have been conducted until recently left question marks in mind.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the tetravalent HPV vaccine does not pose any danger when administered to pregnant women. Researchers at the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, looked at all pregnancy files registered in Denmark between 2006 and 2013 and compared the 1,665 women who received the HPV vaccine early in pregnancy with information on 6,660 women who were not pregnant when vaccinated.

The researchers found that the vaccine itself did not increase the likelihood of miscarriage, any birth defects, preterm birth, stillbirth, or low birth weight.

While the results of this study are reassuring for women who have been vaccinated when they are unaware of their pregnancy, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not made a statement that the vaccine’s classification as a Category B drug will be changed. That is, he states that the vaccine does not appear to harm a developing fetus in animal studies, but all of its risks are not yet known.

More research is needed to confirm the safety of administering the HPV vaccine during pregnancy, and so the guidelines that advise against HPV vaccine during pregnancy will likely remain unchanged. Essentially, the HPV vaccine cannot be recommended during pregnancy until further research confirms it to be harmless.

Women who subsequently appear to be pregnant will likely be advised by their doctors to avoid the vaccine, even if given doses of the three-part series of vaccine. The remaining doses of vaccine can be restarted after pregnancy.

What should you do if you got HPV vaccine while you were pregnant?

If you have received HPV vaccine without realizing that you are pregnant, tell your doctor. While you are relatively sure that your pregnancy and your baby will not be harmed by the vaccine, your doctor may want to monitor you more closely or notify Merck of your pregnancy to the vaccine manufacturers.


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