Insufficiency |  Life

Insufficiency | Life

How are you brother? I hope you’re good. Nowadays I am a bit confused again. It was just when I thought I had clarity inside me, made good decisions about what I wanted to do, and started working in a motivated way. Then something happened again, I couldn’t understand. However, meditation, introspection and coaching continue at full speed. I am moving towards specializing in self craftsmanship, as you will understand… But still the feeling of “something is not happening” has coiled inside me. Whatever I do is not working. I can’t even focus on what I started! Everything is left unfinished. An unsatisfied state …

“I will do it tomorrow”, “it doesn’t have to be perfect,” let go, “you do it when the time comes, so it is not the right time” accompany my emotional delusions. Of course, it is very precious to notice them and take notes. They even prevent me from despair most of the time, but the state of not being able to see that light… Do not try to go gropingly through the dark dark wells… I suffer as you know it, I suffer.

Do you have times when you feel like that too bro?

Whether we are dealing with jobs that are full with the meaning of life or trying to raise dinner, the being called human from time to time insufficiency falls into the trap of the saboteur. He says, “I can’t do it, it’s not happening, I can’t succeed.” I’ve known him… For a long time, too! We’re signing peace or something. I wrote about our shadow sides and gifts in my article too! We just can’t reach our gifts without embracing and honoring those shadows. That’s exactly why I know so well “Miss Unsatisfactory” i am hosting for a few days. I listen to what exactly he wants to tell, quietly. I haven’t figured it out yet but what I’ve noticed so far “sharpness” i need I must honestly admit to myself what the issues are blocked in many business areas in which I have made decisions and plan to take action, put the right questions in front of me and reach solutions with their interlocutors.

Look, it’s not easy when you tell it like that? It has been very good for those of you who are analytical among you. I am sure. Because it is very good for me to write and listen in this way. And since the experience of each of us is the experience of all of us, there will certainly be good ones among us. For those who do not mean anything, I can only encourage them to discover their own ways.

I can say that “write, dear brother, every time you get stuck for it”. And write without thinking! Let the pen dance with your emotions on the paper, let it! Don’t even try to make meaningful sentences, all you have to do is write for a certain amount of time without lifting the pen off the paper. Either three minutes or six minutes… Yeşim Cimcoz always recommends six minutes in his teacher workshops.[1] It has always been good for me, too. In fact, the proof is in this article, I am writing to you, brother, without ever lifting my hand off the keyboard. Look, those feelings that I see as troubles, that squeeze me, write to me and maybe they are things that will benefit the whole. What could have made me happier right now? THOUSAND THANKS… What happens, start writing with pen and paper so that the flow of your mind is poured onto the paper with the energy of your hand. Let’s see what kind of things you will find.

As for me, I think I will take this saboteur lady in front of me and talk. I will ask him: “Why did he not finish me with the” shape-content-meaning “triangle that I have planned and started writing very well for this week?”, “Why do we have difficulties in progressing our projects as the bridge team?”[2], “Why did the prolongation of the printing process of my novel bother me?”, “Why I still couldn’t get those characters out despite sitting at the table for the second novel draft many times?” Why was it difficult to explain? ” (I’m leaving the link of the live broadcast video we made with Senem Fırat Tahmaz from HTHayat below, bro. If you are curious about the details of what I am talking about, you will need to get a little deeper.[3])

Well I will ask them all. Let’s see what answers I will get, I’m excited. Honestly, I’m also a little scared because these are a little bit of a pain. Do not say he did not warn, brother! As you know, he does not grow up without suffering. I mean spiritual growth, now you know.

I think the most important thing is not to exaggerate and apply emotional violence to ourselves while suffering. At that point, self-compassion comes into play. I am not an expert on that job, there are also great experts I wrote before. Let my curious brothers investigate.

The strongest question I can pose is:

What is possible to show our understanding and love-based attitude towards another person in such moments?

Maybe human should investigate this. That’s when personal toughness, which is now so fashionable, is realized. One of the most useful things that helps me is that almost everyone knows that this saboteur is of a different type and effect. I mean, neither me nor you who have the same feelings, we are not alone, brother! Everyone falls into these pits from time to time, but IŞIK is always there, you know. Nothing lasts forever in the universe. The sublime design that surrounds the light behind the darkness and the darkness behind the light does not want to leave BIZ without LIGHT. HOPE is always there, there are times when we just can’t see it, as something we need to realize is waiting for us at the door, all these aspects of us that we think of as saboteurs, darkness, shadows, actually help US. Notice, with me! I’ve been feeling better since I started writing. Good thing you are brother, glad you are there. How strong, how hopeful I am when you’re there, if you only knew! How would you feel my love for you too… WE are so strong together that the darkness that we think has fallen upon us can turn into light at the speed of LIGHT, as long as the light of awareness is always with us. Then the UNION that I have dreamed of can descend to the earth thanks to us.

With love

Your brother Nihan,

Note: Thanks to this, I also learned to write short.

[1]My dear writing house owner, I highly recommend my creative writing workshops professor Yeşim Cimcoz’s book “Make It Light By Writing”.

[2] On the way we set out to support new world organizations in agriculture, we are experiencing similar processes with every newly established organizational structure. While some problems are easily solved, others require radical changes, both personally, organizationally and systematically, and here my own lack of personal analysis sometimes leads me to feelings of inadequacy. But I know I am not alone, fortunately I have dear teammates.


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