Imagery makes birth easier |  Pregnancy

Imagery makes birth easier | Pregnancy

Visualization technique, also known as visualization, is a highly effective relaxation method for almost everyone. The images formed in our minds can change our chemistry by directly affecting our nervous system. Think about how your body stretched or trembled after waking up from a fearful dream. Likewise, thinking that you are slowly slicing a fresh, juicy lemon and squeezing its juice can cause some reactions in your body. Some of you may get mouth watering even while reading this!

The brain is an amazing mechanism. The power of imagination lies in the fact that certain sensations you envision in your mind can directly affect your brain. Hormones secreted at birth and making it possible for the baby to be born are also affected by the nervous system and various emotions felt at that time. So imagining beautiful things at birth using imagination can greatly help you relax and make it easier for you to cope with the birthing process. Relaxing at birth triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which supports uterine contractions, which allows you to have an easier labor with more regular contractions. Moreover, in this way, you may not need artificial oxytocin, that is, artificial pain.

During your pregnancy, you can prepare for the birth using the following imagery methods, and relax with these imaginations that you practice at birth:

Think of a great day you’ve had. You feel safe, your loved ones are with you, you are having fun, you laugh … After finding your favorite moment, share it with the person who will be with you at birth. Pay attention to the details; Is the environment hot or cold? What smells are around? What sounds do you hear? Your spouse, wife or mother, whoever is with you, can remind you of this moment when you have trouble relaxing, and help you visualize that moment when you close your eyes by depicting the details again. When you think of one of those wonderful moments with your eyes closed for a few minutes, you will stop releasing the stress hormone and relax.

If real-life memories don’t work, creating and thinking about the ideal setting in your imagination can be equally effective. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing by relaxing your body for a few minutes. Then start imagining an environment in which you will feel great. How are you in a place? What colors, sounds, smells prevail around? Maybe someone who is not there, an artist you love very much, or someone you have not been able to meet for a long time is also there? Just relax and imagine, as you often did in your childhood. Your nervous system will calm down and your heart will be filled with good feelings.

For more realistic people, it can be much more effective to visualize by focusing on what is happening in the very moment, rather than thinking that it is somewhere else. Again close your eyes, relax and focus on what is happening in your body. Your blood circulation continues non-stop, keeping you alive by pumping blood to your heart and baby. Your uterine muscles contract and relax just as they should, gently pushing your baby out. Your joints soften, giving way to your baby. Your cervix softens slowly, opening up like a flower, making it easier for your baby to come out … This magnificent mobility happening in your body will allow you to hold your baby in your arms. Everything is ready, everything is as it should be …

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