I don’t want it to stay in my life any longer

I don’t want it to stay in my life any longer

My boyfriend has been in an incredibly different mood lately. I don’t think the pandemic has any effect. There is not a single positive word in his mouth. It constantly pulls both itself and me down. He was never like this before, I wonder if he was tired of being with me? Is he trying to push me away?

To put it simply, he approaches every event and person quite prejudicially and looks for ulterior motives behind him. I think I can give a specific example, but I cannot even find an example because he has taken such an approach in every aspect of his life lately. Maybe I can give a very basic example: I try new recipes often when I am at home. It is so negative. He keeps bashing that this recipe is not beautiful, it will not be delicious, because I will do it wrong. Moreover, he is not a successful person in the kitchen. Frankly, I could not understand where this self-confidence came from.

Moreover, the hurtful is not aware that he is speaking or not. He always takes a top-down attitude. In expressing his feelings and opinions, he acts as if it doesn’t matter whether he hurt me or not, as long as he empties him and relaxes. He also uses derogatory expressions during these conversations. I wouldn’t understand, or was it going to happen?

I constantly reproach, but lately it seems like I envy people more than caring for them and not be happy with any of their good things. Maybe unbelievable, but of course he finds a subject that he can criticize even the football players he sees on TV. Even his focus on this while watching the game shows me how he is in a bad mood.

I can no longer maintain this relationship with this man. I said he might be having psychological difficulties, but he doesn’t admit, I guess that’s it for me. I plan to give a good speech to be nice to himself and those around him one last time, and I hope it works …

Nickname: intense unhappy

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