I can not sleep, what should I do?  Solutions to the problem of falling asleep!

I can not sleep, what should I do? Solutions to the problem of falling asleep!

Okan University Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Okan Bölükbaşı gave important information about sleep.

It is very difficult to describe sleep scientifically. Until the 1950s, many people thought sleep was an inert part of our daily lives. But now we know that our brains are very active during sleep. Moreover, we are sure that sleep affects our physical and mental health.

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A lot indeed. Smokers they usually sleep as a rabbit. The amount of REM sleep (sleep with active eye movements) is low. They wake up 3-4 hours after sleeping, as the amount of nicotine in the blood drops below the critical level. Alcohol also disrupts sleep. Most people with insomnia try to solve their problem with alcohol. But this is to be held in hail while running away from the rain. Before you know it, he becomes an alcoholic! However, alcohol only triggers a light sleep period. It reduces the amount of other parts of sleep that have a repair function.

Newborns usually need 16 hours of sleep. For most adults, 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient. Young adults need an average of nine hours of sleep. In the first 3 months of pregnancyThe sleep requirement of women increases. The amount of sleep stolen from its normal duration creates a kind of ‘sleep debt’. Ultimately, the body wants the debt to be repaid. Poor sleep adversely affects judgment or reaction time. As people age, sleep time decreases and sleep becomes lighter. Over the age of 65, insomnia is a common problem.

If you are sleepy all day long or if you can fall asleep immediately even after 5 minutes of lying down, then you have a serious sleep problem.

Associated with sleep health problems It concerns almost all fields of medicine. for example paralysis or asthma attacks It is more common at night or asleep in the morning rather than during the day. The likely cause is altered heart rate or hormonal level changes associated with sleep. Insomnia base epilepsy It triggers the development of seizures in species.

With nerve cells that regulate sleep immune system There is a close relationship between. Our bodies produce certain chemicals called ‘cytokines’ while fighting infectious diseases. These stokines are also powerful sleep stimulants.

Sleep problems develop in most mental illnesses. for example depression patients They get up very early in the morning and, despite their desire to fall back to sleep, they often fail to do so. The amount of sleep taken directly affects the severity of mental illness symptoms. Manic depressive sleep deprivation in people manic episodes (aggression and excessive activity).

It is the cessation of breathing during snoring. Being without oxygen at night can cause headaches in the morning and feeling tired all day long. Loss of sexual desireimpaired cognitive functions, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm irregularities can develop. Sleep apnea, stroke or heart risk of crisis significantly increases. It is among the causes of death due to respiratory arrest during sleep. The risk of a traffic accident increases 3 times in untreated sleep apnea patients.

Cramps, numbness, pinching and tingling sensations that enter the legs, especially during sleep. A person with restless leg syndrome needs to move their legs all the time. It can be seen at any age. Anemia (iron deficiency anemia), pregnancy and diabetes predispose to this situation. The patient is relieved by the administration of dopamine analogues, a metabolic stimulant.

It can be really hard to sleep at times. You try a lot of roads, among them are stereotypical urban legends such as counting things that have become legendary. But none of them will help you turn around in bed. Here we have good news for you. By trying the following tactics, you can overcome your insomnia.

  • If you are taking a nap during the day, do not exceed 30 minutes. Too much of it affects the night’s sleep negatively.

  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine before going to bed. You can eat a high protein snack, 1 fruit 2-3 hours before sleep. These foods increase the burning of sleep regulating hormones. But your sleep rhythm Avoid grains and sugar as it spoils. Avoid oily, fried, spicy, vinegar, carbonated foods and beverages.

  • Exercise ensures good sleep quality. Even a short 10-minute bike or walk significantly improves the quality of night sleep. However, when going to bed, it is intense exercise don’t.
  • Before sleeping, adopt a useful relaxation habit. Warm shower, reading, light stretching exercises, meditation as…

  • Avoid excessive emotional conversations or situations before sleep.

  • Your sheets and duvet covers are appropriate, and your pillow and bed are comfortable. Your bedroom should be cool, not warm or even warm. One of the signs that prepares the body for sleep is the decrease in the ambient temperature.

  • In your bedroom There should be no light and sound sources such as televisions and mobile phones. If necessary, you can have dark curtains, fans, air humidifiers, earplugs.

  • Do not allow any electrical equipment closer than 1 meter to you. Do not use loud alarms. They create anticipation anxiety in the body.

  • Use your bed only for sleeping. Go to bed as early as possible. 23.00 is ideal. Because between 23.00 and 01.00 is the time of renewal of our adrenal system. Meanwhile, you’d better be asleep. Gall bladder also in this period removes poisons from the body. If you are awake, the poisons will return to the liver.
  • Wear bed socks. Feet are the coldest part of the body. Wearing bed socks reduces nighttime awakenings. Forget about your worldly affairs completely in the last 2 hours before going to bed.

  • Relaxation CDYou can listen to. Spiritual practices and readings that relax you are useful before sleep.

  • Use as little medicine as possible. Most medications affect sleep patterns.

Article: Prof. Dr. Okan Bölükbaşı

Insomnia can have many causes. Here are the best known of them:

  • Use of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine
  • Short-term sleep disturbances

If you want to solve your sleep problem, be sure to consider these suggestions!

  • Remember! The lifetime of a pillow should be two years at most.
  • Use dim light in your bedroom.
  • When you are too sleepy during the day, sleep less than 1 hour.
  • At the dinner heavy meals do not eat. Stop eating 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • Play sports; By doing sports, you discipline your body.
  • Do not go to bed before you get sleepy.
  • Isolate your bedroom from sound.
  • Do not use your bedroom while doing a job other than sleeping.
  • Use colors that will relax you in your bedroom.
  • Try drinking herbal teas.
  • Try to consume less nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • If you feel sleepy when you wake up at night, get up and drink a glass for water and try to sleep again.
  • Control your bedroom temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • No matter how long you sleep, make sure you get up at the same time every morning.
  • Make your mattress and pillow selection according to your comfort and do not force yourself to sleep somewhere other than where you are used to.

If you have tried everything and still suffer from insomnia, be sure to consult a doctor. Remember, sleep problems can be a sign of serious illness.

You are sleepy, but you cannot sleep even though you put your head on the pillow. So what did you do during the day? If you have been spinning in the same seat all day without moving, of course, you will not be sleepy at night. To fall asleep, you have to tire your body. For this, you should put regular exercise into your life. Your body will not fight you because it is tired. In addition, you will have a regular sleep thanks to exercise. Therefore, let’s go to sports!

Before falling asleep something to relax try to do it. Some people, for example, list reading books, some messaging, and watching television, among the things that make it easier for them to fall asleep. Alternatively, you can take a hot shower or have a relaxing effect on your body. lavender You can apply it in creams that have flavors such as.

Pay attention to what you eat!

There are some foods that you should definitely avoid before going to bed. Especially drinks containing caffeine can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. In addition, you should not eat your dinners just before going to bed, and you should not choose a menu consisting of heavy foods for this meal. Because this makes the digestive process difficult and causes insomnia.

Lights out!

One of the most common methods used to fall asleep is to turn off the lights completely. Be careful not to have any stimulating light in your room, because these types of lights invite you to sleep.

Lower the blood pressure!

Before you go to bed the things that will drive you into anxiety, anger and tension to stay away For example, don’t watch horror movies. Do not choose a book with a heavy subject. As we look for thousands of ways to silence our minds when we put our heads on the pillow, don’t add new ones.

How about tea?

A cup of tea you consume before going to bed will cause you to relax before sleep. Especially chamomile tea It has a softening effect on nerves and muscles. You can try this before going to sleep.

Establish a routine!

Except for special days, during your waking up and going to bed in the evening to be scheduled take care. If possible, try to get up and go to bed at the same time, 5 days a week. This ensures that your body clock is in order. After a while, even you will notice the difference, you will no longer need to be alarmed in the mornings.

I’ve had a hard time sleeping at night for a few weeks. This situation leads to low energy and negatively affects my efficiency at work. What would you suggest I do to have a healthy sleep?

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1 tablespoon each in 500 grams of water balm and add lavender. Boil this mixture and brew it like a tea brew. Drink 1 glass of the mixture half an hour before going to bed every night. Your problem will be resolved in a short time.

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