Hypothyroidism during pregnancy and its effects on the baby

Hypothyroidism during pregnancy and its effects on the baby

“Does hypothyroidism affect pregnancy?” A new answer came to the question. A study conducted at New York University, Underproduction of thyroid hormones due to underactive thyroid gland evolving with Hipotiroidzm illness in the child attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder He suggested that he could contribute to the possibility. Low thyroid hormone during pregnancy New research conducted by New York University’s Long Island School of Medicine showed that children of mothers who were diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly before or in its early stages were 24 percent more likely to have ADHD than children whose mothers were not diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

In expectant mother underactive thyroid gland Researchers wondering how his condition affects the baby, baby boys and baby girls also revealed different effects on it. He stated that boys born to women with hypothyroidism are four times more vulnerable to attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder than girls whose mothers have hypothyroidism. Thyroid health, brain development of the unborn baby It was found that it has a greater role than known for behavioral disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Thyroid diseases during pregnancy According to the results of the research on, the effect of hypothyroidism in the expectant mother is ilk trimestr so in the first trimester is in question. Having hypothyroidism in the second trimester of pregnancy, that is, in the second trimester, has little effect on the baby. One possible explanation for this is that by the second trimester the baby is now producing its own thyroid hormones and is therefore less vulnerable to the mother’s deficiencies.

The new study, published in the American Journal of Perinatology, followed around 330,000 children from birth to the age of 17. Low thyroid hormone in the mother with the child DEHB This first large-scale and long-term study to examine the potential link between different ethnicities was also studied. Results American Journal of PerinatologyIn the study published in, children were followed with their medical records from pregnancy to school life, and more than 16,500 children were diagnosed with ADHD during the process. Differences according to ethnic origin are also observed, especially mothers. low thyroid hormone during pregnancy It has been noted that the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders is 45 percent in children of Hispanic origin who have the same level, and this rate is 22 percent in other children whose mothers have the same condition.

Researchers, pregnant women with low thyroid hormone levels He emphasized that it is important to follow up during pregnancy. Children whose mothers had low thyroid hormone during pregnancy inattention, hyperactivity and Having difficulty concentrating on a task It was also emphasized that being under surveillance at an early stage would also be beneficial. It is said that rapid and early intervention can help manage attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, as has been demonstrated by previous research.

Researchers, low thyroid hormone during pregnancy It also plans to investigate whether it could increase the risk of other neurodevelopmental disorders such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy and speech difficulties. Exposure to electromagnetic waves and environmental toxins emitted from electronic devices during pregnancy Increasing the risk of ADHD It is also aimed to conduct research on the subject.

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