How to wash laundry?  |  Life

How to wash laundry? | Life

The first thing you need to do to keep your clothes clean and beautiful is to learn how to wash them properly. Here are 15 common mistakes we make when doing laundry that end up ruining our favorite clothes:

In addition to the colors, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of fabric. For example, wooly fleece clothes should be washed separately. And towels should not be confused with synthetic clothes.

If you have a habit of picking up stains frantically, don’t be surprised when you see a new hole in the fabric. They need to be washed gently. The best way to block holes is to put a white cloth over the stain and let it soak.

This action causes too much foam to build up, and as a result, dirt to accumulate in areas such as the shirt collar. You don’t want your clothes to get any more dirty, do you?

The zipper must be pulled before washing; otherwise, the teeth of the zipper can easily damage other clothes.

Bleach reduces the durability of fabrics and causes them to tear easily. Therefore, it is useful to boil the laundry. You can do it with a large saucepan and a few drops of lemon juice.

You should never forget to unbutton your shirts. Otherwise, the buttons may fall.

You should never wash clothes made of spandex or elastane, such as swimwear and bikinis, in the washing machine. Best to hand wash in cold water.

Some users act in this way with the thought that washing clothes repeatedly will damage the machine. However, they think wrong. Running the washing machine without interruption reduces electricity consumption as the machine uses residual heat from the previous batch.

If you are going to machine wash your feather pillows or duvets, do not open a short program; the fluff can trap the foam. You don’t want soap left in your pillows.

One of the most tiring chores after doing laundry is looking for a pair of socks. Why not try washing the socks first? You will definitely like the result.

These chemical components reduce the absorbent capacity of fabrics; so you’d better not use it on towels.

You should not overfill the washing machine; damage to the machine may occur.

To prevent these clothes from losing their structure, put three tennis balls inside the machine. They also help you get rid of the foam.

Many of the detergents we use have cheap substitutes: salt brightens clothes, chalk helps remove stains. Laundry soap whitens and removes stains. Lemon juice can make clothes softer and more fragrant.

It is very important to take care of the washing machine. Remember that in many machines the detergent section is portable. You should pay special attention, as there may be detergent residues inside. Run your machine with vinegar once a year; This way you can avoid malfunction.

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