How to understand good olive oil?  |  Health

How to understand good olive oil? | Health

Before buying olive oil, it is useful to pay attention to a few points. You must smell it. When you smell olive oil, you should not smell bad. A must for a good olive oil is that it is fruity and has a fresh grass scent. Quality olive oil should not contain different flavors such as mud odor, mold and vinegar.

If you can taste olive oil, definitely taste it. Quality olive oil should feel burning in your throat and bitterness on the sides of your tongue. This burning sensation in your throat is not related to acid, on the contrary, it indicates that it contains a high level of antioxidants. And when buying olive oil, do not decide on the color because the color does not indicate the quality of the product. Click to read the article about practical solutions with olive oil …

Early harvested olives from a single garden are collected before they fall to the ground and grind together with their seeds in a stone mill. In addition, this method is called extra virgin olive oil. There is an important point to be aware of when using this method; that is, the temperature of the water added should not exceed 27 ° C. If it exceeds 27 ° C, that olive oil will lose its antioxidant properties, it will cease to be olive oil and will not be cold pressed. Click to read the recipes with olive oil …

Contrary to cold pressed olive oil, the temperature of the water is above 27 ° C in order to get more oil and yield from olives. This method allows the nutritional values ​​of olive oil to change and the aroma and odor of olive oil to disappear.

In order for the color, odor and taste of olive oil to be as good as the first day, it should be stored in dark glass bottles or stainless metal packages. In addition, it is an important detail that it does not see the sun. You should store it in a dry, cool and dark place. If olive oil is not stored under appropriate conditions, it causes its aroma to disappear and its color to lighten over time. What are the benefits of olive oil? Click to read the article ..

1 teaspoon of olive oil is 40 calories. 100 grams of olive oil is 884 calories.

The price of 1 liter of olive oil differs from brand to brand. The price of 2021 olive oil varies between 34 – 110 TL.

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