How to take care of the skin step by step?

How to take care of the skin step by step?

Skin care is indispensable for a healthy skin. The skin, which is the largest organ of our body, is an important part of our body that we sometimes neglect but constitutes a large part of our body. The order in which these products are used is as important as the products used in this maintenance.

Since our skin is exposed to external effects all day, the first step of skin care is cleaning. Before moving on to other products, the skin must be cleansed of foreign substances. Thus, a suitable ground is prepared to move on to other steps. Sebum, make-up and dirt accumulated on the skin are purified at this stage.

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, your skin may become sensitive after cleansing. Therefore, you can use a tonic to soothe your skin. Tonics promise a deep cleansing as well as soothing the skin. Although it is said that tonics are not good for the skin, this varies from skin type to skin type and from person to person. That’s why it’s up to you to add this step to your skincare routine.

If you have skin problems such as irritation, acne, rosacea, eczema in certain areas, although not all of your skin, you should deal with them locally. You can apply acne cream or a cream recommended by your doctor, if any, at this stage. After this step, you can wait for another 5 minutes, allowing the creine or medicine to be completely absorbed, and you can move on to other steps.

In this step, you apply a care to prevent your skin problems by using a serum specific to your problem. Serums that provide an intensive care are available in the market for every skin type and every problem. For this reason, you can complete the 4th step with your special serum.

The most neglected place in skin care is the eye area. However, the products you apply and tiredness can deeply affect your eye area. In this step, you can make your eye area healthier with a moisturizer or care cream suitable for the problem in your eye area. Starting eye contour care at an early age delays the effects of aging.

All skin types, whether dry or oily, need moisture. Only the type of moisturizer used may vary. Therefore, you should not neglect this step since your skin is oily. When oily skin needs moisture, they become oily more quickly. Dry skin dries more. You should take care not to skip the last step of your skin care routine, moisturizing, as much as possible.

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