How to take care of hair in summer?

How to take care of hair in summer?

It is true that we expose our hair to great torture in the summer months when we say hot weather, salty sea water, chlorinated pool water. As summer comes, the factors that wear and dry our hair are also increasing. So how do we protect our hair from the wearing effects of summer?

If we need to start with cleaning the hair, we should prefer deeply effective shampoos as shampoos. Shampoos with a deep effect cleanse both the hair and the scalp. It will be the right choice to stay away from products that contain sulfates only, in order not to dry the hair.

Don’t skip your hair mask! You can use ready-made masks with almond oil and pine turpentine, or you can make your own hair mask with honey and coconut oil. Coconut oil moisturizes your hair, while honey repairs and softens it.

Just as harmful sun rays damage our skin, they also damage our hair. For this reason, you can use protective sprays for hair. Fedora hats and umbrellas also save your hair from exposure to direct sunlight. Be careful not to overexpose too much direct sunlight.

After entering the sea or pool, make sure to rinse your hair with clear water and then apply argan oil to your hair lengths. These practices prevent sea salt and chlorine from damaging your hair. For an easier method, you can use a swimming cap before entering the sea or pool. The cap will protect your hair from both sea water and harmful sunlight.

Be careful with the cream products you apply directly to your hair. I recommend using natural products rather than chemical products, especially natural oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil. If you prefer to use ready-made products, choosing the ones with natural ingredients as much as possible will help your hair to be less affected by the harmful effects of summer.

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