How to save energy at home?

How to save energy at home?

The energy resources in our world are exhausted and nobody is doing their part. As long as everyone obeys certain rules, we can actually reduce energy consumption. The important thing is to be responsible. Here are some important tips on how to save energy by paying attention to your home or office.

Always unplug your electrical appliances in your home when you are not using them. Or, turn off the on-off button on the cables. Because even if we do not use it, the sockets in the electricity generate electricity.

It is necessary to choose compact fluorescent lamps that last longer and have less electricity consumption. Take advantage of sunlight as it is possible during the day. Turn off the lamps when you leave the room. Dirty and dusty lamps provide 25 percent more energy consumption. To make the lamps work better, wipe them with a dry cloth. Lamps that you wipe with a wet cloth consume more energy.

Turn off the valve of your heater or radiator when you are not at home. Never place any objects in front of your heater or radiator. Because the item you put in front of it prevents the heat from spreading to your home. Do not dry clothes on your radiator in winter. By paying attention to keep your curtains clean in sunny weather, you can make your home warm easily.

Close the cracks and crevices in the doors and windows. You can easily keep the warm air inside by detecting the places where cold air enters your room, such as under the door, window edges, and closing them with various insulation systems.

Wait for your food to cool before you put it in the fridge. Make sure that the doors of your refrigerator are airtight. Clean the coils under and behind the cabinet twice a year. When it is not cleaned, you will consume 25 percent more energy. By placing a piece of ice from the freezer in the middle of your fridge, you will reduce energy consumption by up to 5 percent. Choose A class water and electricity efficient white goods.

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