How to make eye cream?

How to make eye cream?

Since there is no oil under the skin around the eyes, this area of ​​the skin cannot be fed and wrinkles quickly because it is thin. It is necessary to use a special cream to delay the wrinkles around the eyes. You can apply this cream at home with a few ingredients you can buy from a pharmacy or herbalist. There are two things to consider:

1. Apply this cream around your eyes 3 days a week. If you apply it every day, oil bubbles may occur.

2. Apply your cream with light strokes and gently massage in the opposite direction of the lines.

Avocado oil contains intense vitamin E. Vitamin E refreshes the skin with its cell-regenerating properties, while eliminating fine lines, it alleviates pronounced wrinkles, and delays the formation of new wrinkles.

Today’s people, whether they work or not, suffer from insomnia and tiredness, and therefore dark circles under the eyes. Grape seed oil is a powerful antioxidant. With its intense vitamin E structure, it alleviates wrinkles and removes under-eye bruises.

Put 1 teaspoon of solid coconut in a glass bowl. Place this bowl on a pot of hot water. Mix and melt with the help of a wooden spoon or a wooden stick used for mixing tea. Apply this oil around your eyes. Do not wash. You can clean your eye makeup with coconut oil.

Vitamin E moisturizes and renews the skin and removes wrinkles with this feature. You can break the vitamin E capsules and add them to your other eye contour cream.

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