How to increase the energy of the house?  |  Life

How to increase the energy of the house? | Life

Our home is the place where we spend the most time and affect the frequency of our soul the most. The higher the energy of our home, the more positive we feel. Energy Trainer and Consultant Sevgi KeleĊŸ explained how we can renew the energy of our home so that we can be happier and more positive in our homes, which have gained importance recently and where we spend more time.

1- airing the house regularly

Airing the space for ten minutes every two hours renews the energy of the house. The fresh air disperses the negative and heaviness accumulated inside and makes the house fill with a more joyful energy. This is the minimum time. If needed, the duration and frequency of ventilation can be further increased.

Keeping curtains or blinds open

The more sunlight our house gets, the more positive it will become. Daylight has a direct amplification in frequency. Even opening the curtain or the blinds of your room that you do not use will be a great contribution to the energy of the house. If you do not want the interior of the house to be seen from the outside, opening its thick curtain will again allow you to catch the light.

3- Taking advantage of the energy of colors

Each color creates a different feeling and a feeling for the person. Soft colors convey more calmness and peace, while vibrant primary colors make you feel more passionate and energetic. Very dark colors can squeeze the energy of the house. It will be a contribution to combine colors and items that cheer you up.

4- getting rid of extra items

The more items we have in our house, the less positive energy cycle. Taking the unused items out of the house and giving them to the needy will transform the energy of your home. In order to minimize the chaos and confusion in our lives, we need to review from our handbag to our cabinet drawers and all the items of our home. What items do you have that stand still and keep you waiting by emitting stop energy? Reviewing and eliminating those items would be a positive contribution.

5- Utilizing natural stones

Natural stone has the feature of increasing the energy of its environment thanks to the minerals it contains. By keeping the white quartz and citrine stone, which are from the crystal stone group, in the living room of our house, we increase the energy and attract the energy of abundance to our home.

6- To increase the energy while cleaning

Using natural cleaning materials, especially adding a little white vinegar, is ideal for energy conversion. Lavender and rose scents are fragrances with a high frequency. In our home, we can renew the energy by keeping these smells and flowers in the hall and corridor.

7- cleansing the negative energies in the house

To quickly clean the negative at home, a pinch of sage and tamarin can be burned. It is important to apply this, especially after a negative discussion, in order to prevent that energy from settling in the house. The feeling that occurs when we enter our house is the energy of our home. The more beautiful emotions we can accumulate, the more we can increase our own life comfort. Our body and soul are fed by the energy of our home.

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