How to grow flowers at home?  |  Life

How to grow flowers at home? | Life

Regardless of the part you want to grow at home or in the garden, the place where you want to grow your flowers is very important. Especially when it comes to the care of plants to be grown at home, factors such as sun exposure, temperature and humidity should be taken into consideration.

The point that should be paid attention first and definitely not be missed for your flowers that you will grow at home; the sunlight it receives. It is difficult for the flowers that are placed in front of the glass and receive direct sunlight to be long-lasting. Especially in winter days, care should be taken not to grow flowers in front of the glass. With the warmth of the house and the heat taken from outside in front of the glass, the flowers will be damaged and their lifespan will be shortened.

Humidity, which is one of the most basic needs of flowers, is another point to be considered. It is more beneficial to feed them with rain water rather than tap water. Therefore, they should be irrigated with rain water as much as possible. An extra supplement should be made to strengthen it with a nutrient added to the water once a week or every 15 days. Since excess water will damage the plant, spraying method should be preferred with plant sprays.

Plants are also very sensitive to displacement. If you do not want the leaves and buds to be damaged or to fall off, you should determine the location for your plants very well and you should not change their location constantly.

Ornamental plants whose leaves are pollinated cause the pores to close over time. In such cases, it would be a right choice to clean the leaves with lime-free water and a sponge.

If you do not want to encounter situations such as wilting of your plants and slowing down of growth, you should also pay attention to the stage of repotting. If you are going to transfer your plants to a new pot, a pot that has been soaked in lye for 24 hours should be preferred. If you are going to use your old flower pot, you need to take care that it has been thoroughly washed and cleaned.

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